Do you think kinds who go to school would like home schooling?

I'm a Vietnamese. Now I'm writing an essay about home schooling. So can you help me answer the question: do you think kinds who go to school would like home schooling?Thank you so much.

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7 Responses to “Do you think kinds who go to school would like home schooling?”

  1. outcursed says:

    It depends on the child. I’m sure my son would and I’m sure my daughter wouldn’t.

  2. oatseed says:

    Being schooled at home is not for everyone. Both parents have to be commited to the ideal, since they will be the ones who will be making the biggest sacrifice (financially and time). The child is not always an ideal candidate. The child must be self-motivated and respectful of their parents. Just because it is great for one member, or child, of a family, doesn’t make it practical or good for another. Note: One of the ideal candidates is children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), medicated or non-medicated. They thrive with one-on-one instruction and attention. Plus with all the disruption that they cause in a regular school environment, it is best for the regular classroom, its teacher, and the overall learning environment.

  3. NANNIE says:

    some who had trouble fitting in would, but it would take away the social development out of school. it’s a matter of opinion

  4. mylo says:

    Kids who go to school in the USA get three months of home schooling every summer. Most people assume that is what home schooling means: running loose. No, that is not it. Home schooling begins at a very early age. By age 5 the kid should be learning Latin. At least that is the way it used to be done. Lots of people think home schooling has to be the same as public schooling except it’s done at home. Some states even have laws requiring exactly that. You can find some interesting material on home schooling at [external link] That is an economics site, but they write about home schooling because it relates directly to free market concepts.

  5. fasttax says:

    It would depend on the child, the school, the child’s parents and how they would go about homeschooling. Homeschooling is not the same for everyone–just as school is not the same experience for every child. Some children have great teachers and wonderful schools and enjoy the school experience, but others dread school and sometimes try to find ways to avoid it. Obviously those with horrible school experiences will be likely to love getting out of school. Those who loved school may not be so thrilled with homeschooling, especially if they are only children and have parents who wouldn’t take the time and trouble to have them spend time with other children. Homeschoolers have a lot more freedom than schooled kids; homeschoolers usually can get drinks and use the bathroom when they need to without permission. They can use time between lessons entertaining themselves, rather than having to sit quietly at a desk. Homeschoolers usually get some say in the lessons given or other aspects of their learning–something that rarely happens in school. Homeschoolers get more time and attention from their teachers because of the lower student-teacher ratio, and have teachers who actually know them and their needs–all reasons why many kids would enjoy homeshcooling.

  6. traducing says:

    I think some would and some wouldn’t. Different people like different styles of education. I think it would be helpful to think about individual preference rather than generalities. (All) Kids who go to school would like homeschooling. It’s too broad a statement to be true.

  7. disponee says:

    Depends on the kid. Depends on the family.There are families who I could not imagine homeschooling– parents who are impatient, don’t like being with their kids, lazy, not very good at disciplining children, overly-perfectionists, etc. Not every family would have a happy homeschooling lifestyle. I’m sure if the parents expected them to sit home alone with their nose in books or computer educational programs, they’d like it even less. If, however, the family gets along well enough and enjoys being together, and the parents are able and willing to create a stimulating environment and offer engaging activities– both in and out of the house– then because homeschooling affords a lot of freedom, I think a lot of kids would like it well enough. It would all depend on the approach.