HELP! comparing macbeth and lady macbeth’s relationship compared to polanski’s version of the play?

Its for my english essay, we have to compare lady macbeth and macbeths relationship throughout the play and compare it to roman polanski's play? Thanks so much!

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  1. tessellate says:

    Hello Lala,From what I can remember of Polanski’s version, he makes Lady Macbeth a much more significant player in the whole Murder plot. In fact, he even suggests that it is she who does the deed. This leaves no doubt over who wears the trousers in the relationship. This is, of course, quite different from Shakespeare’s original.Whereas in Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the pair are extremely happy and in love at the beginning of the play, Polanski’s version has a much darker more menacing feel right form the start. Therefore, that positive view of their relationship is never really shown.If you need more on Macbeth and Lady M, you might find this useful: [external link] ‚ĶHope that helps!