A2B scheme essay for university of Birmingham?

I know it's terrible but I've lost the letter with the deadline and the e-mail address for where to send in the essay. I think my dads thrown it out but I don't want to ask him in case he gets angry so can someone tell me what it is please? It's for the psychology course and I need to send it in today or tomorrow.

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  1. polychromate says:

    email me on [email not allowed] doin the a2b aswell the question is WHAT IS PSYCHOLOGY? 1500 words.deadline friday 15th (2 days from now)

  2. tunic's says:

    The first thing you need to do is contact Birmingham. Do a search for the Access to Birmingham program on google and see if you can find some contact details for the program director. If you can find an email or phone number then get into contact with them and they will be able to find out the email address in which to send your essay. If you cant find them anywhere or if you can’t get hold of them, then speak to the psychology department directly. They will be the ones marking the essay anyway. You’ll find contact details easily on the School of Psychology at Birmingham website (I’ll leave a link). Don’t put it off. If you do not send in your essay by the deadline they will not mark it and you will not be able to progress on the access program. If all else fails, you can always go down there with your essay and speak with the people at the Psychology department in person. After all, you have nothing to loose and it’s better than not getting it in on time.I hope this helps and good luck with your essay and the rest of the A2B program!