Asylum Seekers in Scotland?

I have an discursive essay to do, the question being Is Scotland Accepting of Asylum Seekers? I am writing mine persuasive, saying that Scotland IS accepting of asylum seekers, but would anyone be able to provide me with any opinions statistics etc that would help out?Also, can anyone think of a good line to introduce my paragraph on the charities that have been set up, thanks!

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5 Responses to “Asylum Seekers in Scotland?”

  1. bi-shiou says:

    Hi JenInformation from BBC Radio 4 Today programme showed that 99% of the world’s refugees are in Iran and Pakistan following the West’s wars in Iraq and AfghanistanOnly 1% of the world’s refugees make it to the West with a percentage of 1% coming to the Uk.This could be a starting point of your essay and a move away from the hysteria of red top tabloid news reporting.Good luck with your essay and best wishes.

  2. hogbacks says:

    They are everywhere in this Island…. and why should Charities help them. ? If they cannot afford to live here and cannot get a job because Jobs are scarce they should not have come in the first place. The British Isles is becoming one big Charity… taking in all and sundry… and including housing.The way it is going in this Country is wrong because when our own People retire the money will not be there for their Pensions which they have paid all their life for….. because we are keeping others. The door wants closing for good and keep the rest out as we English are getting pretty fed up now with all these foreigners invading our Land.This is not racist but being sensible about the situation we are getting into. We will end up being amongst the poorest if we continue doing all this. Land is in short supply so housing is not being built, so where do they intend living ? We cannot build on all our green spaces…. nor do we intend to….!

  3. patente says:

    Cant wait to hear the comments from Tigerlilly (now known as Chrystalily), Michele, Trisha, Plato, Poppy (ie Michele), Andrew S, Helen S and all the other racistslol

  4. fLcfree says:

    why don’t the English treat the phony Asylum Seekers in Scotland, in the same manner that they treated the Scots during the Highland clearances?

  5. cordess says:

    Lowjoy – Asylum seekers are those who come here because they are being persecuted in their own countries, they are not allowed to work until they are granted citizenship.To answer your question you could get in touch with some organisations that help people settle into this country who are seeking asylum. You could maybe write a questionnaire that they could pass on to be filled out with people’s experiences of settling in Scotland.