Do you think John Steinbeck is sexist?

This isn't an essay question, I am genuinely trying to figure this one out.I know Steinbeck was raised in a sexist era, blablerbleh, but still. I think he's pretty extreme, even for that period.I've only read 2 of his books (Of Mice and Men, and East of Eden, both independently), but it seems to me that either a female character is portrayed as 1) vapid/childish/petty or 2) EVIL! (see Kate as an example of EVIL)Example of the first: Curley's wife, who was promiscuous(?), spiteful, and petty.Example of the second: Kate/Catherine?/whateverI didn't really see any good, strong, female character, other than that one girl who was stupid enough to waste away for love (as if) in East of Eden. Oh, and I'm not a fem-Nazi. I just want to know. :)

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  1. nonexcessive says:

    Steinbeck was married several times and at least one of his wives cheated on him. It would not surprise me if his experiences with women are reflected in his writing. That being said, I never thought of him as particularly sexist. Rather, he is writing about sexist time periods and situations. Cathy is pretty evil, though.