Is the production or the manufacturing of materials used for productions of Photovoltaic Cells damagning?

I'm writing an essay of the costs/benefits of solar energy, if you have any suggestions for the costs of using solar energy that would be great! Thanks for your help

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2 Responses to “Is the production or the manufacturing of materials used for productions of Photovoltaic Cells damagning?”

  1. spicas says:

    of course.However the benefits do outweigh the manufacturing process in terms of BTU’s used.

  2. telecasters says:

    To start, try this article from the National Renewable Energy Labs on the time it takes a solar panel to pay back the energy of its manufacture. The article is 10 years old, so cut the numbers in half, and you’ll be about right for today. A certain amount of energy goes into refining the aluminum for the frame, making the glass from sand, refining the silicon for the actual solar cells, and then there’s always shipping and delivery costs.Based on the above, a solar panel pays back the energy put into making it in about 2 years. The impact on the environment depends on where that energy came from. If the electricity for manufacturing came from a coal-fired plant, the damage will be more than if it came from a hydroelectric plant. If the aluminum was made from raw ore, it will do 10 times more damage than if it was just recycled from cans. If the panel was delivered by a diesel-powered 18-wheeler, there’s more impact than if it was shipped across the ocean on a boat. And so forth.I’d say no matter how you slice it, though, if the panel goes up in a good, sunny location, the net benefit for the environment is positive.