What are some methods to decrease Urban Sprawl?

I have an argumentative essay to do on urban sprawl but I dont know how to start it. I am thinking of arguing how Urban sprawl is bad and ways to improve.it. However I need at least 5 sets of ideas to make body paragrphs explaining the different methods of ending it. So far my first body explains urban sprawl in Canada and the negative impact it has.

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  1. nonexcessive says:

    Municipal level zoning and development policy. Segregated land use zoning is largely responsible for urban sprawl because different land uses have to be far apart using this model. 2 cities in my area are trying to reduce sprawl via changing the zoning structure in different ways. One is buying properties, re-developing them into urban mixed use buildings, and re-selling them to the public in order to re-direct urban sprawl into a more concentrated city center model. The other is trying to do the same thing using market forces by ending segregated land use zoning policies. They are hoping that if companies can build housing and commercial spaces in the same place that they will.