Asylum Seekers in Scotland?

I have an discursive essay to do, the question being Is Scotland Accepting of Asylum Seekers? I am writing mine persuasive, saying that Scotland IS accepting of asylum seekers, but would anyone be able to provide me with any opinions statistics etc that would help out?Also, can anyone think of a good line to introduce my paragraph on the charities that have been set up, thanks!

I am applying to a high school and part of the process writing an essay.Does anyone have any good topics?

Are you the educator, or the student? What type of HS is it? What area of the world? Do they make something special in the area? Is it a magnet school for Math and Science? I’ll need a little more information please. If you can find something that may be interesting to the principal that he/she has not had to read about over and over it will make your paper stand out. Once you have answered these questions and decided on a topic, make sure you go back in and add several adjectives to your essay in places to make your paper vivid. Don’t be afraid to use a thesaurus, but don’t over do it either. Go back and edit it to make sure it makes sense. Delete what does not make sense or fix it. Then use a spell checker. If you have to hand print your essay, use what you have already done and copy it onto your application.

I need some help on writing good essays. how do u write good essays?

someone plz help on good essay writing skills. im really poor in writing with sophistication. what can i do? plz help me.

I need to find the thesis to this essay … [external link]

pleaseeee helllppp quickkk! thank you :)

What are some good questions to ask an adult about about how their parent’s divorce affected their childhood?

I need to make up a series of interview questions for a social studies essay. What would be some great questions to ask? Thank you!

Facebook – Argumentative Essay?

HiI would like to know your opinion, whether Facebook should be used or should not be used for Staff/Student communication? I need to conclude with “Use facebook for Staff/Student communication”Thanks

I need a title for an english Essay QUICK ANSWERS!?

from the book a raisn in the sun… paper is on Beneatha… my title currently is Attributes of benetha younger. paper is about how benethas traits make up her personality.. HELPPPP!

Can i write two different types of major in my college essay?

is it okay if i want to study athletic training and graphic designing on my college essay ?

Plessy v. Fergason Case!?

I need a brief summary of this Supreme Court case for an essay!(:

Can you define functionalism?

I’ve been grappling with the theory of Functionalism and I just had a couple of things to clarify;Does functionalism take into account either individual cognition or moral code? In terms of how we interpret thoughts. I cannot find any clear answers, can causation be either logic or subjective philosophies? (ha, isn’t that wishful thinking?! Clarity? In psychology?) We have a thought, which drives motivation to act. The actions then provoke an emotional response. So can we chose based on subjective ethics a course of action? Or do they believe it is more logical cognition as opposed to spiritual (hence functional)? Logical thoughts we manifest into action are very different to the motivation of personal philosophical beliefs. Does functionalism acknowledge both? Because aren’t both subjectively functional depending on the individuals perspective?If we each have differing qualita, how can we reason one persons thoughts from another? I mean can we really discount or justify another persons experiences with the possibility of inverted spectras? How can functionalism distinguish causal relationships from this? Is computation as equally determined as another action who has been motivated in a deeper “moral context”?This all seems to result in semantic ambiguity to me. Can Functionalism surmise mental states based on causation? Wouldn’t that just result in inconclusive conjecture?I’m sorry if this doesn’t make sense, I’m really trying to grasp these concepts. Perhaps I should not try to take such a firm grip of these concepts and let the ideas flow open-ended. I’m just a little concerned how I can write an essay on a subject I don’t seem to have any grasp of!? Thanks for any light you can shed on these questions and concerns.Kate Pearson