5000 essay

Which of these two topics would be better to write a 5000 word essay on?

1. Influences of literature on people, particularly children. I would talk about Alice in wonderland for drugs. The disney princess movies for love etc.OR2. How novels are changed to be made into plays for the west end and films etc. (or something along the whole literature-theatre-film lines)

5000 CHARACTER long essay?

Im trying to write this essay for scholarships. When it is 5000 characters long… im not sure how many words that would be but… do they expect an intro, body, and conc? or just ONE short and to the point Paragraph? User tags:how long is 5000 charactershow many pages is 5000 charactershow many words is […]

How many pages is a 5,000 word essay, approximately?

In times new roman 12, it’s approximately 20 pages because 5 pages is approximately 1200 words, and 5000/1200 is approximately 4. 4×5=20.

What should i write about in a 5000 word essay on the chemistry of aspartame?

I have a 5000 word essay due in a little over a month and i have to write it on the chemistry of of the artificial sweetener aspartame. It can do with anything relating to the chemistry of aspartame. I was just looking for ideas about what to write about?

Primary Children Homework 5000 essay!?

I am doing a 5000 word essay on primary children and the topic homework and need a decent question to start me off…any ideas?

For the Georgia Tech admissions essay, is it 5,000 characters with spaces or without?

Is it the Georgia Tech application essay 5,000 characters with spaces or without? I really want to know before I write the entire thing.

EPQ – 5000 Word Essay?

I have a 5000 word essay to write for my Extended Project. I have my topic and I am excited to write it but I have always had a problem writing essays and obviously this is a big one to do.I was basically wanting some tips or links with examples on for me to look […]