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What are some good questions to ask an adult about about how their parent’s divorce affected their childhood?

I need to make up a series of interview questions for a social studies essay. What would be some great questions to ask? Thank you!

Is ok to write about tiger wood’s infidelity incident in an essay?

i just wrote this essay which contained some details about tiger wood’s affair (i didn’t write anything detailed and i didnt mention anything sexual). It was a creative writing task, so I wrote about the way Tiger Wood’s mother was feeling.Do you think I would get penalised for writing about such an incident? Because the […]

Okay, so i have an essay to do on Napoleon, tell me about him?

He ruled france for many years and brought glory… He won many battles and relied on the army a lot.. He got the control by quick seizure, or coup e’tat… He made a set of laws called Napoleonic code.. which gave lot of freedom , except for freedom of speech, freedom of press and women’s […]

Please I need Help? Its about my essay?

Ok so I downloaded my essay off my email. Then erased it that writting off that essay and wrote a different essay… Then I saved it. But now I go back and Look at it and Its my old essay.. I cant find the one I just wrote. What do I do… Its due in […]

I have to write an essay about myself and i need a catchy introduction sentence. any suggestions?

First let me introduce myself. I am ————and I would like to tell you about my life.

I need to know more about france?

i need to know more about france because i need do my essay about diffrent contries i really want to write about france and italy anyone have suggestions?

Essay by annie dillard about her emotional roller coaster growing up, broke a guitar over boyfriends head?

she was happy one minute, angry the next, ended up breaking a guitar over her boyfriends head. I cant remember the name of it, but i need it for my english class, if anyone can find it let me know or even if you just can find the name of it for me

Anyone ever get a letter from their ISP about torrenting?

I’m talking about for small files (less then a MB or a couple MBs) text files. I know the ESA is pretty good at finding really really large files of several GBs (personal experience lol).please don’t spam the thread by copy pasting your essay you wrote in 10th grade english about how torrenting effects the […]

Can you intruduce me a web site which includes a nice essay about nature?

Thoreau’s Walden [external link]

What 2 movies around about the same thing?

I need to compare two different movies about the same thing and tell in an essay how they were portrayed differently.