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Okay Im reading a book called Fahrenheit 451…..?

I am writing an essay and its about once Montag reaches the city your supposed to explain or makeup what hes going to do once he gets there…if you read the book it will be alot easierany ideas?

Quoting a character in a book, but in an essay?

so i read a tale of two cities and have to do an essay on it, i know teachers like when you use quotes, so this is the one i want to use “For you, and for any dear to you, I would do anything. If my career were of that better kind that there […]

I really need help with my book essay.?

So I have an english project and i need to compare the book Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan with any of the following books: Mayor of CasterbridgeCry the Beloved CountryGrendelBeowulfCanterbury TalesWuthering HeightsothelloThe problem is that I need to find a commonality between the books but i cant think of any whatsoever and i read […]

Can anyone recommend me a good non fiction book?

I need a non fiction book for my summer reading. Has to be age appropriate and I am going into 10th grade. But can you recommend me a good book that is easy for my assignment:Summer Assessment: Part IDue Date: To be handed in the end of the second week of school Assignment: Select a […]

Which Princeton SAT book should I get?

Should I get the “Cracking the SAT, 2012 Edition includes everything you need to know to master the Math, Critical Reading, and Writing sections of the SAT. It includes:• Access to 5 full-length practice exams• Our exclusive “Hit Parade” of vocabulary appearing most frequently on the SAT• Tons of drills and detailed explanations to show […]

What is an example of a movie of book where a character’s morality changes due to an issue or experience?

I need help for a hook with my essay! changes for the worse? THANKS!

Which book should i compare with animal farm?

im doing an extended essay and want to compare animal farm with another book which book should i choose?

What book/ or movie can you compare the story The Curious case of Benjamin Button to?

I have to compare & contrast The curious Case of Benjamin Button (book) to a story or a movie that i’ve read or seen…. Its for an essay… Any ideas? This book is so unique & I feel it can’t be compared…

College HW Help Please? For a book Named ” Death of a Salesman”?

i have a very hard time reading and understanding anything when i try and read it. im not sure if its a disorder but im embarresed to even say it. but i have a book i am soppose to be reading for college which is called” Death Of A Salesman” by Arthur Miller. i have […]

How to write an essay about a book?

My teacher told me to write an essay about a book and I’m not sure if it’s a review essay or a book report essay, she just said essay. So how do you write a book essay? Is it like 5 paragraphs with like an Introduction, Body, conclusion? And if so, what do I write […]