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Help with my sexual orientation discrimination cause and effect essay?!?

For english im writing a cause and effect essay of sexual orientation discrimination. If anyone knows of any good sites with facts and statistics or even an idea of how to start my paper and the how to apply the concept of cause and effect with the topic. Any help will do!

What are cause and effect essays about?

For example, a cause would be texting and walking at the same time. The effect would be something like walking into a water fountain. This is just an example, but it could be applied to anything else like…….Eating unhealthy foods, and weight problemsSmoking and lung canceretc…….

Can someone please help with my Cause and Effect Essay?

You choose the topic.[A simple one]please don’t make it seem like a professional did it.If you can’t do the essay→→↓can you give me a topic and 3 to 5 reasonswhy you choose that topic.

What should i do for a cause and effect essay?

I’m suppose to write a cause and effect essay and have no idea what my topic should be.any ideas?

Cause and Effect essay help!?

I have to write a essay for english.It has to either be about the causes of something or the effect of something. just wanted some ideas, thanks

Media Bias in Britain! Cause, Effect and Remedy!?

I have an essay to write on what can be done to resolve bias in the media. What i mean is how can we prevent political bias as well as Religous bias and sensationalism. I have alot of information on all of these types of bias but nothing on how to reslove and prevent them.If […]

Cause and Effect essay?

I need help how do you write a cause and effect essay.If you could give me an idea of how it starts out I can do the rest.

Actually i want to write essay about cause and effect but i have a problem about my writing how i should start?

i would start with a quote then go from there i like using famous quotes in my writing, you could also start with a question/problem or an example this is how i like to start, i wish i could be more help full but you would have to provide more info but i hope this […]

Examples of unusual cause and effect essay topics?

For my college english class we have to write 8-10 pages on either a phenomenon or current event being caused by something unexpected or unusual, or say that if blank happens it will cause or lead to blank. They have to be unusual and not obvious. For example some topics already are: materialism leads to […]

Why would the failure of the absolutist theory be a leading cause to tyhe French Revolution?

I’m writing an essay on the causes of the French Revolution and I’m arguing that the leading cause of it was the failure of the absolutist theory…just need some ideas of why it is the leading cause! Thx!