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Is the production or the manufacturing of materials used for productions of Photovoltaic Cells damagning?

I’m writing an essay of the costs/benefits of solar energy, if you have any suggestions for the costs of using solar energy that would be great! Thanks for your help

Compare and contrast the structure and function of skin, muscle and bone cells.?

i need an answer as soon as possible. its one of the essay questions i have to study for my exam.please help me !

I need answers about fuel cells?

i need a lot of information about fuel cells. i can also use good websites to. cuz i have to write an essay about it by wednsday. 500 to 700 words. thanks

If cells act as osmotic systems, why don’t we swell up and burst when we go swimming in fresh water?

This is for my A.P. Bio class and i have to write an essay on it. Please help.

How should you start an essay about comparing cells to organs?

You could start off talking about how cells are the basic units of life.Cells make up tissues which make up organs.

Help on stem cells? anyone?

I have a biology essay due tomorrow on stem cell research and about stem cells. one thing we have to talk about is the three characteristics of stem cells. i have only found two and they are the ability to differentiate into other cells and the ability to self-regenerate. If anyone can give me a […]

Biology cells help?! (:?

Hiya, I am writing an essay on different specialised cells and an example that I need to include is to do with alveoli and root hair cells!So far I have gathered alot of information on how their features are very different, but now I need some similarities! How do their features increase the rate of […]

Stem cells….. ugh…..?

okay so for science homework i have to write a essay on ADULT stem cells, UMBILICAL stem cells and EMBRYONIC stem cells. helP!please list 2 pros and cons about eachthanks:)

Why are we made of so many cells? Why not just one big ameoba?

It’s a Biology essay I have been set for AS levelI Have a good idea of answers but I’m interested in other people’s viewsThanks

How are cancer cells formed?

i need an easy to understand answer because i need to write a 2 page essay for my biology class on how mitosis is linked to cancerous formations in th body. thanks alot, polo guru