censorship? essay

What are some good reasons to be against censorship?

I have a persuasive essay to write and I don’t really know any other ideas except for it takes freedom/right away. Please help! Thanks:)

What is a good project for my high school senior project involving censorship?

I finished my essay and it was about how censorship restricts first amendment rights of citizens. I also said how bands’ CDs won’t be sold at places like Wal-Mart if they have any objectionable errors at all.Now, for my actual project, it has to relate to my essay in some way.my original idea was to […]

What is a good Warrant For Chinese Censorship Essay?

What is a good Warrant For Chinese Censorship, I’m writing an essay so please help.

Which amendments in the Bill of Rights limit the power of the US government to impose censorship?

And is censorship of mail or tapping phone calls ever legal in the US?If you could provide links to your sources, that would be great because I have to write a 500 word essay on this =/Thanks in advance!

RE:Is censorship ever justified?

Is censorship ever justified?During WWII and the rise of the nazi party, book burning bacame a potent symbol during WWIIin America’s battle against NazismCan ideas threaten a nation? Should society be able to dictate what is available to the public? Can books be weapons? Should offensive material be burned or banned?I’m writing an essay on […]

A question about censorship?

I’m writing an essay and wondered if anyone had any help or advice on this topic…An example of censorship:moral censorship is an act of concealing or eliminating materials that are or could potentially be perceived to be obscene or otherwise morally questionable – Can you think of an example within animation/film?

Books about censorship in China?

I am writing an essay and I need to find out more information about censorship in China and how they restrict certain things on Google. Also, I need to know more about the burning of books during the Chinese Revolution and even today. I need to cite legitimate sources in my essay. I found a […]

Media censorship in regards to terrorism.?

Hello Yahoo fam!I’m seeking help or advice on how to began this paper for school. I’m to write a critical essay on my position on media censorship in regards to terrorism. I have to take a stand on this subject, either being for media censorship or against media censorship when covering terrorism in the US. […]

What is an example of freedom of speech vs. censorship?

I am writing an essay for a college class and i need an example of freedom of speech vs. censorship.

Do you think censorship should exist?

I neeed help writing an essay , and need more reasons why should censorship exist Thank You