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Quoting a character in a book, but in an essay?

so i read a tale of two cities and have to do an essay on it, i know teachers like when you use quotes, so this is the one i want to use “For you, and for any dear to you, I would do anything. If my career were of that better kind that there […]

How can suffering build character?

This is my essay thesis. Hope you can help.

How do you start off a character essay?

I have to write a character essay, but i’m not sure how to start it off, other than stating the character’s name. Can anyone help?

Where to find a essay on Character analysis of Diana Moon Glampers in “Harrison Bergeron”?

[external link] …i have no idea if this is what you are looking for! just trying to help

Which character in Shakespeare’s Othello best fits this description?

I have to write an essay about Othello. The essay prompt is: novels and plays often have characters caught in a collision(national, regional, ethnic, religious, institutional). These collisions can call a characters identity into question. Explain the character’s response and it’s relevance to the work as a whole. I believe the character they’re referring to […]

The project i am doing requires us to dress as our character. Help?

In my english class we are talking about Greek Mythologyand we have to do an essay talking about the character we chose and dress like them.I chose Persephonebut i have no idea how to dressalso we have take an Archetypal symbol representing the characterany ideasI was thinkingof drying some roses and plantsand only leave like […]

What character from a tv show/movie should i do my clinical psychology assignment about?

For my clinical psych class, we have to psychoanalyze a character from a tv show or movie and write a 10 page essay about it. They need to have some kind of disorder like OCD, narcissism, borderline disorder, schizophrenia, severe depression, any kind of phobia, eating disorders, generalized anxiety disorders, etc.. Any suggestions?Thanks in advance.

Character Essay? What should I write in the blank?

Ok so this is my beginning of the essay. What should i put in the blank that says ………………….. something about growing up (something teens can relate too) or becoming more mature. Or even if you have an idea that involes changing the words around is ok too!When you are a young child in school […]

Which character learns the biggest lesson, in the book LBD?

in the book lesson before dying ? i need this answer to complete my essay please help !

“in essay form write about the character of billy Casper (from page 1 to 79) a kestrel for a knave”?

This article should get you started and help you find additional material in the book [external link] …