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Why do college and university students hate writing essays?

Here’s my reasons:1. Difficulty in Organization despite being well read and knowing how to spell2. Time consuming3. BoringWhat are your reasons to hate writing college essays(If you love writing essays, don’t answer or start a flame war).

Can i write two different types of major in my college essay?

is it okay if i want to study athletic training and graphic designing on my college essay ?

Would this paragraph be an interesting hook for a college professor?

This is an UC application personal statement essay. I already written my first essay and this will be my second essay. Prompt: Tell us about a personal quality, talent, accomplishment, contribution, or experience that is important to you. What about this quality or accomplishment makes you proud and how does it relate to the person […]

W’s in college transcript?

Hey, I am currently a student at a Community College, and this is currently my second year. Last semester which was spring 2010 i had to withdraw from a class because i couldn’t keep up with the class work and the amount of time i had to work on the essays and projects. So now […]

Will i get into boston college?

*please escuse my horrible spelling, i spelled correctly on the application!*it’s jsut that they sned decisions soon and i am beyond nervous!look at my stats and tell me please… they sned out letters soon!-3.62 weighted, 3.53 reg- 5 ap classes, a 4 on bio and a 5 on psych exam- i got a 1 on […]

How are college Philosophy classes graded?

Is it more multiple choice, or essay? If essay, are they anal on syntax? etc etc

How religious can your college essay be?


Questions about applying for college!?

Hi I’m a little late on starting to apply What is the process in applying for college? is it-apply for SAT-apply for college-write essay-take SAT ?Do you know any colleges that accept a GPA of 1.9? please list if you doI haven’t taken my SATs yet i know thats bad.. but before today i only […]

GRAMMAR HELP! college essays?

Hey everyone! I am trying to start out a sentence with a list that would go a little something like this:Chick Peas, Cats, and Cottonwood trees: harmless to the average to teenager, but for me these three elements of habitual life pose as a potentially fatal mix. Grammar is one of my weak points and […]

Why does college board forbid us to share the SAT essay topic until the grades are out?

Its not like anyone is going to abide by that law