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Benefits, drawbacks, risks and conclusion on chlorine?

Hey guys, Would really appreciate some help on chemistry homework, I have to write an essay on the benefits, the drawbacks the risks and a conclusion about chlorine. I would really appreciate some help! Thank You

Can anyone help me write a compare and contrast essay conclusion for the spread of religion?

The 2 religions are Christianity and Buddhism

In an essay if your wrote an intro and 4 body paragraphs and no conclusion would you lose marks?

um. yes

What is a good conclusion for the essay written below?

Rivka is a HeroRivka once spoke the words “I am a hero”, I can admit that she was telling the truth. Rivka is a strong ten year old girl who knew how to live day by day and experienced the concentration camps in the year 1942. Rivka portrayed many random acts of kindness during the […]

Please give me a conclusion of an essay on : the menace of terrorism?

give me of about 35-40 words

Edit and opinions on my essay? I had to take conclusion oout because there wasnt enough room.?

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, is a book with many morals and lessons. The narrator, Jean Louise (Scout) Finch gains more wisdom than many six year olds thanks to her dad. Scout learns all about good and evil, importance of moral education, and the existence of social inequality. At the beginning of the […]

Can some one please edit/proofread my Theology essay comparing God and Jesus? (also need help w/ conclusion!)?

Compare the transcendence, imminence, and omnipotence of God in Exodus 1-15 and 40 with the transcendence, imminence, and omnipotence of Jesus in John 1-12 and 19-21.I need help with my opening paragraph and conclusion, but I just want to make sure I am answering the question right, it flows nicely, and it has proper grammer. […]

Please help me with a conclusion to my essay?

I need help writing the conclusion to my essay about high school drop outsour paper that has its directions, says”conclusion1. restate your main three pointsa. 1st pointb. 2nd pointc. 3rd point2. conclude with a compelling remark or a call to action”i cant even think how to do that. my three points were 1. problems at […]

What is conclusion of Rob parson case study at morgan stanley?

this is a very famous case study. i want the comment on this essay.a summarization of case study of rob parson at morgan stanley

What exactly is a draft conclusion?

I am doing an argumentative essay on stem cell research. I have created the outline, and now have I have to do a draft conclusion. I do not know what this is. Thank you for help.