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Could someone please grade my SAT essay using the SAT Essay Grading Scale? EASY 10 POINTS!?

I’m just unsure on what grade it would earn. I’m a rising sophomore and I was planning on taking the SAT soon. It would be great if I could get some pointers.PROMPT: Many people believe that our government should do more to solve our problems. After all, how can one individual create more jobs or […]

If you could ask Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart any question, what would it be?

I have to write an essay/interview with my hypothetical questions and answers if I interviewed Mozart for “Rolling Stone”. I already have my 15 questions figured out, but anything else that might be interesting would be appreciated!

Hey LGBT ppl could you answer this question and explain plz?

I’m writing an essay about Castro street, here’s one of the paragraph’s in the authors essay:”And as gays and lesbians find that they can live in lots of different places without fear, the very need for a “gay neighborhood” may in fact be obsolete.”Would you guys argue against the author, support him, refute it, or […]

Could somebody please give me a detailed explanation on microbes in the digestive system?

I need to complete an essay on microbes in the digestive system and I just can’t find a website or a book that could help me with this! Could someone either give me the link to a website that will help me or give me a detailed explanation on microbes work in the digestive system […]

Could you check my essay(2)?

could you check my essay? I am not a good English user so could you check my essay?it is the part of the body Secondly, trying to keep own identity and heritage helps to escape indiscreet acceptance of bad things from unknown cultures. The reason that a lot of Asian people are considered of the […]

Is someone out there who could explain me some organic chemistry?

i don’t know anything at organic chemistry….i’m gonna gail the class if someone doesn’t help me..i’m in the 10th grade.we learn about C6H14, etc…in return i can help with English, literature, or even write essays at history or smth..pls, help….

Could someone check my short essay?

I had to write a short essay on the positve and negative connotation of the words witch and wizard. The word wizard for its positive meaning and the word witch for its negative meaning. Cohesion and punctuation were most important so I hope someone can check if I did that right.Thank you in advance!Here is […]

What are some short, Intelligent words I could use in an essay I would write in school?

Well my exams are coming up and my vocabulary is really not up too scratch. Any words I could use to make my essay more interesting and possibly push my marks up?

What are some sociological issues that could be discussed/argued in an essay?

Socialization..Nature vrs. NurtureSome helpful websitespersonality-project.orgpersonalityresearch.orgYou can google feral child for a lot of things about children who are left to fend for themselves. This can make a good argument for the role parents play in the development of a child.

Could you help on me my introduction on this essay?

I need to write an essay on “why I love oklahoma” so what would be a creative opening introduction for that?