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Does being a CA resident greatly improve my chances of being accepted by a UC?

i really want to go to berkeley or san diego, but i’m afraid that i wont get accepted, since so many people that i know, who had strong applications, got rejected. anyways, with a 4.4 gpa and a 4.2 gpa for my 10th/11th grade years, lots of extracurriculars, do you think my chances are good? […]

Does anyone know a case in which a person tried to plea insanity, or incompetent but failed?

I need some cases for my essay please, and thanks

Does the bible give permission to murder in the case of sexual immorality?

I am reading Chronicle of a Death Foretold, and in it two boys murder another man for having sex with their sister and making her impure… However the pastor in the novel tells them they are “innocent before God.” I need to write an essay and I need a bible verse where it is permissable […]

Does anyone know a high profile court case?

I need to do a English persuasive essay project about high profile court cases. Does anyone know any dealing without murder, my teacher doesn’t want that. It can be celebs, athletes or ordinary people. please and thank you.

What does “learning to read under any circumstance” mean?

I need to write an essay about literacy and we had to pick two pieces that we read in class to write about. I need an appropriate title, but I can’t think of one. and learning under any circumstance came to my mind, but I don’t know exactly what it means. help anyone? ASAP [:please […]

Why does mentioning children in poems and short stories create innocence?

I am writing an essay on “Out of the Blue” by Simon Armitage, and when he writes about children it creates innocence, but I am not sure how to describe why it does? “Out of the Blue” is about the terrorist attack on the twin towers.

How does the body react to food poisoning?

I need to write an essay for science about food poisoning. The bacteria that caused the food poisoning is Salmonella. Can you like give me some information about how the bodies white blood cells do to kill the bacteria or how they react. And it would be great if you gave me some links too. […]

Does it not make you feel like a fool when your answer goes to a vote and you wrote a good essay on there?

I am just wondering?I notice some people really put in some effort to answer your question. Self written essay.

Does the term ‘the media’, exclusively mean news broadcasts and information?

I’m doing an essay on a movie called “The Truman Show” and one of the themes is The Role of Media in Our Lives. Does the term “the media’ exclusively refer to news or can it mean other things, such as entertainment, advertisements.etc

Does an essay have to be split in paragraphs?

My ELA teacher told us our essay has to be at least 300 words but never specified on the paragraphs. Do I need to split the essay in to paragraphs?