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I need a title for an english Essay QUICK ANSWERS!?

from the book a raisn in the sun… paper is on Beneatha… my title currently is Attributes of benetha younger. paper is about how benethas traits make up her personality.. HELPPPP!

I am new in English, please one person read my new writing?

Hi to all, I am preparing myself for toefl test but, unfortunately I do not have a English tutor for writing. I want you please read my writing below and guide me and give your ideas about it to improve that. And if you want to mark it, what is the score from 0 to […]

Home work should or shouldnt be banned English essay?

Home work should or shouldn’t be banned ? Xoxo


-_- My English teacher is an idiot… he marked my essay wrong & I’ve cheated ! I used Spell Checker on Microsoft Works…Is ATOP one word ? I say it is… if it is look out for me on the news’ after I muder himAlso the word DENOUNCEDhe isin’t reading my eassy ! Denounced is […]

English question help please thanks?

Hey guys this is what i have so far please i need a conclusion please thank you so much easy 10 points thanks thanks so much this is an English essay career report so please help me i need a conclusionI have always been inspired by the advances of modern medicine–particularly the miracles of restorative […]

English Experts Please :)?

Hi. Thank you for helping me. The topic is about the school removing extracurricular such as sports. I need you to gimme advice on what I should include in my following essay. What are we doing to the future of our children? The school has no right to strip bear our privileges in having extracurricular […]

English essay help?

I’m writing an essay basically about four poachers whom have lost their fuel and guns and are stranded in the african plains. My main idea is the ‘poachers getting poached’ but i’m stuck. Where should i go from here?

Need a essay in simple english..?

need a essay of 250 words on the topic : i would certainly not do it again.not much vocabulary needed lazy to write myself please some one help me!…


I’ve got an essay due tomorrow.And it’s on The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, and why Romeo isn’t to blame for their deaths..I need some tips.What could i include to make it better?Like…I already used lot’s of vocabulary.And could you help me find a quote that is good for to evidence to show that the […]

I need ideas on a poster im making for english?

WE wrote essays about the dangers of cell phones, and now we have to make a poster to go with it….any suggestions?