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A2B scheme essay for university of Birmingham?

I know it’s terrible but I’ve lost the letter with the deadline and the e-mail address for where to send in the essay. I think my dads thrown it out but I don’t want to ask him in case he gets angry so can someone tell me what it is please? It’s for the psychology […]

I need to find the thesis to this essay … [external link]

pleaseeee helllppp quickkk! thank you

Facebook – Argumentative Essay?

HiI would like to know your opinion, whether Facebook should be used or should not be used for Staff/Student communication? I need to conclude with “Use facebook for Staff/Student communication”Thanks

I need a title for an english Essay QUICK ANSWERS!?

from the book a raisn in the sun… paper is on Beneatha… my title currently is Attributes of benetha younger. paper is about how benethas traits make up her personality.. HELPPPP!

Can i write two different types of major in my college essay?

is it okay if i want to study athletic training and graphic designing on my college essay ?

Could someone please grade my SAT essay using the SAT Essay Grading Scale? EASY 10 POINTS!?

I’m just unsure on what grade it would earn. I’m a rising sophomore and I was planning on taking the SAT soon. It would be great if I could get some pointers.PROMPT: Many people believe that our government should do more to solve our problems. After all, how can one individual create more jobs or […]

HELP ASAP! Persuasive Essay?

okay so i need help ASAP … i live in california and i need to write a persuasive essay on a place that my class(any subject/class) should go to and i need some reasons why we should go there i prefer u write a place that’s in CA but u could write another place to…PS: […]

Persuasive Essay: Titanic (go back to save lives or no?)?

You are floating in a small lifeboat with 27 other people. The boat can fit up to 60+ people easily. As your boat silently rows away from the sinking Titanic, you hear the screams and pleading of passengers who are stranded in the water. What do you do? OPTION:- row back toward the Titanic to […]

How do you write an essay on social policy?

examine the ways in which social policies and laws may influence on family and households (24 marks)14marks for knowledge and understanding and 10 marks for evaluation,interpretation etc etc…Can someone tell me a good structure on how to approach this essay and what are the important things i need in hereThanks!


So I have to do an essay explaning in the endocrine system events of a30 yr old female (with normal endo. System)That ate a whole pie. Teacher wants us to put in steps each process that she does when eating the pie & explain the relationship to hormones (pituitary, thyroid, pancreas etc. ) I have […]