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Why do college and university students hate writing essays?

Here’s my reasons:1. Difficulty in Organization despite being well read and knowing how to spell2. Time consuming3. BoringWhat are your reasons to hate writing college essays(If you love writing essays, don’t answer or start a flame war).

I need some help on writing good essays. how do u write good essays?

someone plz help on good essay writing skills. im really poor in writing with sophistication. what can i do? plz help me.

Do colleges check old application essays?

My brother applied to the same college a year before, And i want to use his college application essays. Do colleges check if I used his application? the application asked if I have a sibling who attends the college, so i put him down.

Do I have to write in first person when it comes to persuasive essays?

After reading through my essay, I realized that there is a lack of I’s, you’s, me’s, we’s, etc. I read an example essay and it had plenty of first person words. Is it necessary to write in first person?

What are cause and effect essays about?

For example, a cause would be texting and walking at the same time. The effect would be something like walking into a water fountain. This is just an example, but it could be applied to anything else like…….Eating unhealthy foods, and weight problemsSmoking and lung canceretc…….

MLA citations in essays?

For MLA style in an essay if you have a citation such as (Orwell 263) in the middle of a paragraph and then you quote something else from the same source but a different page do i need to cite it and if i do would it be (Orwell 184) or just (184)?

PLEASE help me with writing essays in general?

I took Honors English all my high school career. I am now in AP as a Senior…as a Sophomore, the teacher I had didn’t like my writing style AT ALL so I got C’s and B’s on essays. My Freshmen/Junior English teacher (same person both years) LOVED my writing style and I got A’s on […]

GRAMMAR HELP! college essays?

Hey everyone! I am trying to start out a sentence with a list that would go a little something like this:Chick Peas, Cats, and Cottonwood trees: harmless to the average to teenager, but for me these three elements of habitual life pose as a potentially fatal mix. Grammar is one of my weak points and […]

Where can I find answers to dbqs and essays for the Ap world history test?

Where can I find answers to dbqs and essays for the Ap world history test? Answers from students and such.. Mabe notes on the side giving tips.

How do I convery my personality in my essays?

How do I make the reader want to read my essay or think it’s realllly good? Through first-person? Simile? what?