from? essay

Can somebody please explain how and why macbeth transforms from war hero to evil villain?

really in need of some help for my english essay any tips would be great thanks

This is a serious question: brother and sister complex Any help I appreciate from the btm of my heart?

My younger sister really exalted in logic. She has better memory, she can think abstract really quick (math), a good street navigator and a little bit of handyman skills. She can play piano and guitar even though not super-talented in that area, but she can play from start to finish. She also have a better […]

Anyone ever get a letter from their ISP about torrenting?

I’m talking about for small files (less then a MB or a couple MBs) text files. I know the ESA is pretty good at finding really really large files of several GBs (personal experience lol).please don’t spam the thread by copy pasting your essay you wrote in 10th grade english about how torrenting effects the […]

Quotes from The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins that show conflict (with page numbers)?

I need quotes and page number(s) from the book that show a Man vs. Man conflict, and/or Man vs. Nature conflict. I left my book at school, but my essay is due tomorrow, please help.

What are some quotes about changing from a child to an adult?

I’m writing an essay about how Juliet changes from act 1 to act 3, and i need a quote about changing to use as my “hook”.If you have some examples on how Juliet changes, that would be great too!Thanks! :) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Can we request to see our essay from the Global Regents?

Global regents June 2009 from NY. Can we request to see them?

Does anyone know if college application essays are needed from…?

concordia university(river forest, IL), Depaul University(Chicago, IL), and Triton College (River Grove, IL). i looked on the apps but i couldnt find anything, please someone tell me?

Please someone help. i have to write an essay from the movie gladiator.?

ok so we watched gladiator in school and i didn’t quite understand it,plus i missed a day from a field trip with a previous class.. but anyways i have to write an essay (150 words) on Commodus and why he is immoral.. can someone please help me?

What were the three companions/ familiars of the witches from the Shakespearian play, Macbeth?

I know Graymalkin and Paddock (the cat and the toad) but who and what is the third? I need to know SOON this is for an English essay and I’ve searched through the play and I remember seeing it once but I can’t find it again…

I need an essay on “CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME”. from which site can i get this ?

I think you should do the research and write the essay. It’s clear to me that you need to learn a little bit about being charitable and helping others. Sorry, but cheating is never a good thing. It will always come back and bit you later in life. Don’t do it!