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Can anyone give me a simile or personification relating to Mother Teresa and her charity works?

so i am writing an essay on mother teresa and we need a simile or a metaphor and personification or synesthesiaplz help i will give ten points to the best answer!

Does the bible give permission to murder in the case of sexual immorality?

I am reading Chronicle of a Death Foretold, and in it two boys murder another man for having sex with their sister and making her impure… However the pastor in the novel tells them they are “innocent before God.” I need to write an essay and I need a bible verse where it is permissable […]

Can someone give me a good thesis statement on if weed should be legalized or not?

im writing an essay on if weed should be legalized or not im gonna give both sides like why people like it and say its good and y its bad …. but in the end i will say that i personally don’t think it should be legalized thesis suggestions please …will choose best anser

When should we trust our senses (our five senses) to give us truth?

I am going to write an essay, can you please give me some ideas and examples…. The title is “When should we trust our senses to give us truth? What errors can each sense give, and in what situations can we really be sure that the sense or sesnses give us truth?

Need title for persuasive essay?! answer & i give u a point!?

my topic is on whether parents should spank kids or not….im not sure which side im on yet, but im finding more info against spanking so i think im going against it. thanks

What points can you give me for a persuasive essay on universal health care in the US?

I am for it..but wouldnt mind both arguments.

Can anyone give me ideas on what to write for this essay?

I have to write an essay on Wuthering Heights and I want to do it on childood..where the hell is the childhood besides in the 1st few chaptesr where they are ctually freaking children lol. so the question is “explain how this book is a novel on childhood and use most of the book to […]

Could somebody please give me a detailed explanation on microbes in the digestive system?

I need to complete an essay on microbes in the digestive system and I just can’t find a website or a book that could help me with this! Could someone either give me the link to a website that will help me or give me a detailed explanation on microbes work in the digestive system […]

Anyone can give me a hint of how I write an essay on Haggai please?

just type ‘Haggai’ in a Yahoo or Google search-box…dozens of sites will pop up, including Wikipedia, etc. Make notes about what they say, then, when you write your essay, be sure to add Footnotes at the bottom of the last page, listing the names of the sites that you used for material. Your teacher will […]

Please give me info on the 1916 polio epidemic in the United States!?

I’m writing an essay on it and any simple info that may help would be greatly appreciated. For example, what is polio? Anything you know will help along with links and copy and paste info. Whatever you can tell me about the 1916 polio epidemic in America will be appreciated.. Thanks a milli in advance!