hate essay

Why do college and university students hate writing essays?

Here’s my reasons:1. Difficulty in Organization despite being well read and knowing how to spell2. Time consuming3. BoringWhat are your reasons to hate writing college essays(If you love writing essays, don’t answer or start a flame war).

What part of the Treaty of Versailles did Germany hate the most?

I have to write an essay I would value people’s opinions on the points below.- loss of/restricted military.- loss of land.- war guilt.Thankyou in advance, please don’t waste your time if you haven’t go a serious answer.

I hate this girl, I think I’m jealous? Some advice please?

There’s this girl in school, the teachers favour her and break rules to suit her. But on the other hand, this girl is extremely smart and the top in every subject. Does this make it fair for the teacher to bend the rules for someone like that? If papers were graded from A – F, […]

Do people often develop characteristics they hate?

I’m writing an english essay and I need a source that confirms the idea that people subconsciously develop characteristics they generally avoid.Please help.

My report card is really bad and my parents hate me?!?

Math – D (My teacher even told me I didn’t fail in class)English – D (Didn’t hand in an essay)Design Technology – DPhysics – CMandarin – BPsychology – BBut I’ve gotten three D’s basically every term. My best is only one D in term 3 of 2009. Anyway, my parents hate me now and are […]

Pac’s Legacy flow Rate or hate?

Rate or hate its just a lil quikyWhen he died he sacraficed his lifehe was the black version of jesus overfilled with mightallthough he tote guns and shot dicehe tried to make peace out of his hatred filled lifeHow many times have you looked in the mirrordiscovered something you wish was differenthow come the chance […]

I hate asking for homework help, but does anyone have any ideas for a cause and effect essays?

I can’t think of any topics to write on. Thanks for the help

Does anyone else hate having to write random essays?!?

I had to write an essay about what I would put in a time capsule. I had no idea what to use, so I just said a random toy, which I really never had (since we were aloud to make something up), and that toy was a Webkinz Ferret. (Like I said, it was made […]

How is the play Medea more about hate than love ? :)?

Um, for my literarture class- love and hate I am writing an essay on how Medea is more about hate than love..this is what ive done so far…(just dotpoints)-Medea is a play that is more about hate than love because…- her will to get revenge on Jason overpowers her love of her children.- she killed […]

In the essay ” On Summer” what are the reasons that caused Hansberry to hate summer?

Please help me …other than summers are hot and harsh..BQ: what are some good memories of her summers?