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I am applying to a high school and part of the process writing an essay.Does anyone have any good topics?

Are you the educator, or the student? What type of HS is it? What area of the world? Do they make something special in the area? Is it a magnet school for Math and Science? I’ll need a little more information please. If you can find something that may be interesting to the principal that […]

URGENT: What conflicts have there been between Russians and Americans in the past?

Im doing an essay on the Berlin Wall, and before I can start I need to know what conflicts there have been. Thanks!

Can I have a free microsoft office 2010 home and Student product key?

I am sorry to ask this but I really need a free Product Key. I am in University and if i do not finish my essay on Microsoft word by today i will fail 50% of my module.

Have I solved the problem of compatibilism?

Many people are determinists: they believe that everything, since the Big Bang, has been absolutely determined by causality (cause and effect) and, therefore, free will is impossible because our choices are determined already by heredity, experience, education, morality, circumstances and other causal factors. I’m a compatibilist: I believe in causality too but also believe free […]

Ok, i have to write a compare and contrast essay by next week what are good topics? like really good topics?

i just need some ideas and input on some topics.. THANKS (:

What affect did the Kuomintang government have on china ?

Studying the history of china for my A-levels I have no text books and the internet isn’t really giving me much information and I need it to help me write my essay to go towards my final grade so any help will be awesome.

Do I even have a chance of getting into University of Michigan?

Out-of-state resident (TX)I attend a very rigorous high school that is ranked 63rd in the nation (top 1%)Unweighted GPA: 3.5Weighted GPA: 3.95SAT: 2210 – 680 CR, 780 Math, 750 WritingACT: 32 – 35 English & Writing, 36 Math, 25 Reading, 30 ScienceSAT Subject Tests: Physics 800, Chemistry 800, Math 2 80013 AP Classes by the […]

Okay, so i have an essay to do on Napoleon, tell me about him?

He ruled france for many years and brought glory… He won many battles and relied on the army a lot.. He got the control by quick seizure, or coup e’tat… He made a set of laws called Napoleonic code.. which gave lot of freedom , except for freedom of speech, freedom of press and women’s […]

I have to write an essay about myself and i need a catchy introduction sentence. any suggestions?

First let me introduce myself. I am ————and I would like to tell you about my life.

I have to write a persassive essay. and i choose why people should try to go vegetarian..?

what order do you think the paragraphs should go in?-[beginning.. ]-stavration -health-animals-enivorment