high essay

I am applying to a high school and part of the process writing an essay.Does anyone have any good topics?

Are you the educator, or the student? What type of HS is it? What area of the world? Do they make something special in the area? Is it a magnet school for Math and Science? I’ll need a little more information please. If you can find something that may be interesting to the principal that […]

Does anyone know a high profile court case?

I need to do a English persuasive essay project about high profile court cases. Does anyone know any dealing without murder, my teacher doesn’t want that. It can be celebs, athletes or ordinary people. please and thank you.

What are the benefits and challenges of going to a private high school?

I have to write an application essay about the benefits and challenges of going to a private high school and I can not think of anything. Any help whatsoever would be appreciated. (the school is in New York but that is really not relevant.)

What is a good project for my high school senior project involving censorship?

I finished my essay and it was about how censorship restricts first amendment rights of citizens. I also said how bands’ CDs won’t be sold at places like Wal-Mart if they have any objectionable errors at all.Now, for my actual project, it has to relate to my essay in some way.my original idea was to […]

How to apply to Lowell High School in SF,CA?

OK i wanna apply there.. i know there’s an essay or test you gotta do before you get in so when is that exactly..

Chemistry Project! (High School Level)?

I have a 4000 word Chemistry project due in about 12 days, and I don’t even have a thesis. I have 2 options:1. Write an essay on the history aspect of something in the chemistry field, or 2. Write an experiment on some aspect of Chemistry, test it, and state why it did what it […]

How can we make our high school lunch better and why?

im making an essay and its about the high school lunch… my ideas are make the food cheaper healthier… but i need more than that… can some1 share some ideas?

LICK-WILMERDING- private high school?

I really want to get into Lick-Wilmerding, a private high school, but i’m afraid that I might not get in. I’m a very good student- all A’s in my classes-including tests, but I’m really nervous about this coming ISEE exam. I need to know what would be a really good score on the ISEE for […]

The Roman Catholic Church faced many challenges during the High Middle Ages. What were they?

I have a world civilizations exam tomorrow and this is the essay question, can someone help me answer this?The Roman Catholic Church faced many challenges during the High Middle Ages. What were they? How did the church manage to meet each challenge and survive? Describe the relationship between church and state at the end of […]

Junior high student arrested and handcuffed for doodling on her desk?

Are any of you familiar with the story? I read it just now on AOL… all I can say is wow.A seventh grade girl was doodling on her social studies desk during class (I believe she wrote her friend’s name and a smiley face), and she was asked to leave class, patted down and searched […]