history essay

Can u help me with an american history essay that deals with wwi?

what role did public opinion play in the united states decision to enter wwi. thx

Similarities between Chinese and American history?

What are the similarities between Chinese and American history? And what are the differences? I have to write a Chinese essay on it. Help? And how should I format the essay? Thanks for the help.

Can you please rite a 600 word essay on catholic history in the 1960′s in australia?

please include events, personalities and/or groupsit needs to be as a parish bulliten with an innovative headingintroduce the 1960′s using descriptive writing this is best done using who, what, when, where, how , and whydescribe 3-5 major eventsexplain the series of events to the emergence and develpment of the catholic churchsuggest ways in which different, […]

US History questions?

Hello!In just two days is my big history mid term which i am kind of worried about. For one section i must write 4 essays. I am wondering what the strongest points on these essays would be, so it would be great if anyone could give me some advice before actually taking the test. I […]

I need to write a history essay… help?

“How do you define the American dream? Based on your definition, during which period from 1950 to the present has American society come closest to fulfilling your vision? Explain your choice by drawing on your knowledge of 20th and 21st century America.” any suggestions? thank you so much

History essay question?

How did the market revolution encourage urbanization and affect the American social structure, and how did the business class attempt to deal with the new social order?

Canadian history grade 10 help?

I have to write this essay on how conscription in Canada is a defining moment in our history. I was thinking on saying that it greatly influenced Canada today, but I have no points to prove that. So can you help think of some or do you have any suggestions? thanks..

Can someone let me know if my history essay is good enough :D?

This is the essay question: Did the liberals lay the foundation of a welfare state?A welfare state is a social system whereby the state assumes primary responsibility for the welfare of its citizens, as in matters of health care, education, employment, and social security. It is a considered opinion that yes the liberals did lay […]

Techonolgy that made an impact on society ANY time in history?!?

i have to type up an essay and the question is : Discuss a technology that has had a major impact on society at any time in history. and NO I am NOT asking for you to type the essay for me. i just need an idea because we are not allowed to do Ipod […]

Who has mrs. porter for ap american history?

i have mrs. porter for ap american history. right now we’re doing this 10 pg. essay on bury my heart at wounded knee. i seriously need some help on the synopsis or i’m gonna B.S. this whole entire essay.oh yeah. its for 8 grades!please help. pplease.