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What is a good project for my high school senior project involving censorship?

I finished my essay and it was about how censorship restricts first amendment rights of citizens. I also said how bands’ CDs won’t be sold at places like Wal-Mart if they have any objectionable errors at all.Now, for my actual project, it has to relate to my essay in some original idea was to […]

What is a good Chemistry based essay question about global worming or other problems involving Chemistry.?

i am writing Long essay (about 5000-6000 thousand words) on Chemistry. I can choose any question i want does any one have any compelling questions?

What is your opinion on Stem cell research, particularly involving embryos?

Im writing an essay on the topic of embryonic stem cell research, and need to know some different opinions that people have, and why, (particularly if its related to your religious views). Anything would be really great, even if its only a couple of words, but a short justicification would be helpful. Thanks so much!

How long did it take to clean up Chernobyl after the melt down involving the nuclear reactors?

I need to know this information for my science essay.

I need to make a theme for an essay involving these 3 characters?

Doc Stair- Haircut, Mama- Everyday Use, American man- Hills like white elephants .. i need to make a theme including all them then compare how 2 of them are similar in the theme and how one is different