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Do you think John Steinbeck is sexist?

This isn’t an essay question, I am genuinely trying to figure this one out.I know Steinbeck was raised in a sexist era, blablerbleh, but still. I think he’s pretty extreme, even for that period.I’ve only read 2 of his books (Of Mice and Men, and East of Eden, both independently), but it seems to me […]

How does John Steinbeck present loneliness in of mice of men?

I have a controlled assessment tomorrow based upon this question and I have drafted an introduction and could any of you please have a read and tell me what you think; how could I improve it ? am I answering the question properly,In this essay I shall discuss and attempt to conclude the many ways […]

How did John Proctor represent individual freedom? CRUCIBLE HELP ME?

okay english essay. How does John Proctor represent individual freedom while the Salem Court and the Puritan theocracy represent repression of individual freedom?any help totally appreciated

How could you relate John Proctor from “The Crucible” to Romeo from “Romeo & Juliet”?

I am writing a compare and contrast essay and I was going along the lines of comparing them as tragic heros.

Why is the gospel of John so much different then Matt, Mark and Luke?

Almost everything is different, length of Jesus ministry, locations, preaching style, Jesus taught with quick one liners and parables in Matt, Luke and Mark but in John it’s done in essays and figurative speech. That’s just a few of many indifferences with John.Matt and Luke are very much alike then although not exact Mark resembles […]

How many cats has John Stamos adopted?

I need to know right away for an essay im writing for school, please help!

I’m writing an essay on how John Donne and Langston Hughes use religion to serve different purposes.?

How do the poems, _________________, and __________________ from John Donne contrast/compare to __________________, and ________________ from Langston Hughes in their use of God/religion?Please help me think of four poems, two from Langston Hughes, and two from John Donne that use religion different. (Fill in blanks above essentially)

What was St. John Neumann’s lasting impact on Catholic education?

Im doing an essay on that and i have my rough draft done and im trying to think of what i can do to improve it. So What was St. John Neumann’s lasting impact on Catholic education?

Who is John The Baptist? **essay DUE 2MRW**?

I’m writing an essay that’s due tomorrow! Please help! I got B’s on the last two essays and i really want at least an A! (preferably an E) Here is what I need to know:who is john the baptist? How was he important to the early church? *BE SPECIFIC* How is he important in our […]

HELP! anybody ever read cannery row by john steinback?

i have to write an essay tommorw on the differences and similiarites on doc and lee chong! please help me, this grade means so much.