know essay

Does anyone know a case in which a person tried to plea insanity, or incompetent but failed?

I need some cases for my essay please, and thanks

Does anyone know a high profile court case?

I need to do a English persuasive essay project about high profile court cases. Does anyone know any dealing without murder, my teacher doesn’t want that. It can be celebs, athletes or ordinary people. please and thank you.

I need to know more about france?

i need to know more about france because i need do my essay about diffrent contries i really want to write about france and italy anyone have suggestions?

How many people do you know that have overdose on marijuana?

im doing an essay over weather which one is bad or good ? and on marijuanas side lol

Can someone let me know if my history essay is good enough :D?

This is the essay question: Did the liberals lay the foundation of a welfare state?A welfare state is a social system whereby the state assumes primary responsibility for the welfare of its citizens, as in matters of health care, education, employment, and social security. It is a considered opinion that yes the liberals did lay […]

Like, when do you know when to consider it sexual harassment?

this guy kept telling me to stick my hand down inside his shirt. I was like no silly! but he wouldn’t turn around in his desk, he was trying to grab my hand and force me to touch him. He was like “just do it, don’t be scared.”I wanted to get back to my essay […]

PSL – know any short stories with lots of imagery?

Hi. I’m doing a PSL (personal study of literature) and i need a short story to do… I have to write a great big essay on it so it has to use lots of techniques…eg: Imagery, characterisation, setting, theme… blah blah blahAny ideas for short stories i could study?Thanks x

Does anyone know if college application essays are needed from…?

concordia university(river forest, IL), Depaul University(Chicago, IL), and Triton College (River Grove, IL). i looked on the apps but i couldnt find anything, please someone tell me?

Is this essay good?I know the essay not done but is it good so far?

It was only a day since this happened; it came like a bullet right in my face. It was seven years ago that my parents divorced. It was a long fierce harsh battle lasting a year. I could remember it clearly as though reading from a book reciting it over and over. It’s as though […]

English Essay I dont know WHAT to do…?

ok ive 2 do an english essay 4 tuesday that was due b4 the october break ” i didnt do it :SWhat would you write in a critical essy about the book The Curious Incident of the dog in the night-timeIve lost my essay sheet that tells me the types of things to include…HELP PLEASE!Oh […]