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What is the most important characteristic in a well educated person?

This is the topic I have to write in an essay but I’m not sure what to write about. Can someone give me ideas? User tags:consider something in your life you think goes unnoticed and write about why it\s important to you

What is the most important part of teaching a lesson to preschoolers?

Be detailed and give an example or two?I’m in child development and we teach preschoolers lesson about certain subjects (balloons, growing up, safari, shadows, etc.) This is for a small essay. I just need to make it as long as a paragraph or two.Thanks.

Examine the extent to which practical issues are the most important influence when selecting research methods?

its for my sociology as level essay, but i don’t understand what the question want be to wrie about, please can someone explain it to me?thank you

Help on a ‘Sherlock Holmes’ essay! ** 10 points most helpful answer **?

Hi,I’m doing coursework and have recently studied the two Arthur Conan Doyle stories, ‘The Speckled Band’ and ‘The Red-headed League’.. We have been asked to write an essay answering the following question:’How does Arthur Conan Doyle build up a sense of mystery and suspense in his Sherlock Holmes stories focusing on “The Speckled Band” and […]

The most effective graphic visual in such an essay is likely to be a ?

You’re reading an essay on the relationship between education and income. The most effective graphic visual in such an essay is likely to be a A. sketch of an educated person. B. photograph. C. comparative graph. D. summary of opposing points of view i chose C it’s true ?

What floor do suicidal people usually jump from? (Most the time?)?

I’m writing an essay on suicide and need a general number, doesn’t need to be a fact, just the most common.

Help! College entrance essay! Questions on how to answer. 10pts for most helpful and best answer!?

Q1) Describe your educational achievements in the face of any challenging social, economic, or cultural circumstances that you have encountered.(Could you describe, or give me examples of social, economic, or cultural circumstances?)I came from a foreign country to the states when i was 7 and had to learn eng., and adjust to the new culture. […]

What part of the Treaty of Versailles did Germany hate the most?

I have to write an essay I would value people’s opinions on the points below.- loss of/restricted military.- loss of land.- war guilt.Thankyou in advance, please don’t waste your time if you haven’t go a serious answer.

Christianity had the most impact on the development of European society in the middle ages.?

Im doing an essay for a religion class in school just need some points or information to support that, the main three points i was going to use were that Christianity led everything scientific, architectural and everything political, so if you just wanted to elaborate on those that would be fine.Thanks

What was the most important battle in texas fight for independence and why?

Im thinking the Texas Revolution? but still not sure my essay is due tmrw, thanks.