person? essay

What is the most important characteristic in a well educated person?

This is the topic I have to write in an essay but I’m not sure what to write about. Can someone give me ideas? User tags:consider something in your life you think goes unnoticed and write about why it\s important to you

I am new in English, please one person read my new writing?

Hi to all, I am preparing myself for toefl test but, unfortunately I do not have a English tutor for writing. I want you please read my writing below and guide me and give your ideas about it to improve that. And if you want to mark it, what is the score from 0 to […]

Does anyone know a case in which a person tried to plea insanity, or incompetent but failed?

I need some cases for my essay please, and thanks

Do I have to write in first person when it comes to persuasive essays?

After reading through my essay, I realized that there is a lack of I’s, you’s, me’s, we’s, etc. I read an example essay and it had plenty of first person words. Is it necessary to write in first person?

What is an illness/defect that causes a person to look strangely young/small?

I know there is an illness or birth defect or something that causes people, no matter if they are 20 or 40, to have a strangely young/small appearance. Almost like how a premature baby looks when it is born except they are fully developed.Maybe there are a few but I’m totally drawing a blank here […]

Whats the difference between a rational person and an irrational person?

I am writing a descriptive essay on a person and I need to determine the Rational and Irrational Characteristics of the person. Please help. Thanks so much in advance.

Agreement question with 1st/3rd person… I’m confused for my essay.?

For a brief overview, I’m writing about how negative emotions are essential to survival and happiness.this is a sentence from the intro:: The notion that *humans* are predominately unhappy simply because *we* focus excessively on negative incidents is a logically sound argument.This sounds weird to me, but I don’t know how I should revise it. […]

Why is humor an important characteristic in a person?

I’m doing an essay and need to explain why humor is a somewhat important characteristic in a person. Please help me! A big thanks to those who answer this!

Is it wrong to write in a college essay about being in a psych ward if it has made you a better person today?


Can you write critical essays in first person?

I was writing my essay and I noticed that in paragraph where i have to relate the book to me i wrote in first person. This is a critical essay, so is it okay to write in first person?