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HELP ASAP! Persuasive Essay?

okay so i need help ASAP … i live in california and i need to write a persuasive essay on a place that my class(any subject/class) should go to and i need some reasons why we should go there i prefer u write a place that’s in CA but u could write another place to…PS: […]

Persuasive Essay: Titanic (go back to save lives or no?)?

You are floating in a small lifeboat with 27 other people. The boat can fit up to 60+ people easily. As your boat silently rows away from the sinking Titanic, you hear the screams and pleading of passengers who are stranded in the water. What do you do? OPTION:- row back toward the Titanic to […]

WAR persuasive essay support help?

Ok i need 4 examples about how war is bad i already have 2-army suicide rates increase-causalities of civilians and armed forcesplease help asap thanks a ton:))

Do I have to write in first person when it comes to persuasive essays?

After reading through my essay, I realized that there is a lack of I’s, you’s, me’s, we’s, etc. I read an example essay and it had plenty of first person words. Is it necessary to write in first person?

Persuasive essay ideas?

I have to have a persuasive essay plan by tomorrow. can you guys brainstorm up any for me? thanks

Need title for persuasive essay?! answer & i give u a point!?

my topic is on whether parents should spank kids or not….im not sure which side im on yet, but im finding more info against spanking so i think im going against it. thanks

What points can you give me for a persuasive essay on universal health care in the US?

I am for it..but wouldnt mind both arguments.

Persuasive essay about music- ideas?!?

HEY YOU. i need to write a persuasive essay for tomorrow. i want it to be about music seeing as its something i care about & doesnt require much research ( i have hardly any time as i also have chemistry, maths & french to do for tomorrow ) so i was thinking things like […]

I want to write a persuasive essay about removing gelatin from numerous food items, especially candy.Audience?

Who should the audience of my essay be? I was debating between the unaware average person or an actual candy company who needs to be convinced to use gelatin substitutes so a larger group of people can eat their products. Any other suggestions of gelatin in a persuasive essay would help, too. Thanks!

Can anyone edit my persuasive essay? >_

Experts believe that TV promotes violence; however, I strongly disagree that television violence has a negative effect on society. I think that it’s how people behave in their daily lives and what they see around them that influence this. I also believe that it depends much on what they see around them and how people […]