please!? essay

Could someone please grade my SAT essay using the SAT Essay Grading Scale? EASY 10 POINTS!?

I’m just unsure on what grade it would earn. I’m a rising sophomore and I was planning on taking the SAT soon. It would be great if I could get some pointers.PROMPT: Many people believe that our government should do more to solve our problems. After all, how can one individual create more jobs or […]

I am new in English, please one person read my new writing?

Hi to all, I am preparing myself for toefl test but, unfortunately I do not have a English tutor for writing. I want you please read my writing below and guide me and give your ideas about it to improve that. And if you want to mark it, what is the score from 0 to […]

Can somebody please explain how and why macbeth transforms from war hero to evil villain?

really in need of some help for my english essay any tips would be great thanks

Please list companies that support/use slavery. (EXAMPLE- Hershey’s cocoa beans)?

Im doing a essay on slavery in the world today.Please list some companies that have been traced to use slavery. And any links would be helpful.thank you

Comparison-and-contract essay ideas please!?

So i have to write a Comparison-and-contract essay for my English class and i have no idea what to write about.please help me.i need some easy things to compare and please tell me some similarities and some differences

Please I need Help? Its about my essay?

Ok so I downloaded my essay off my email. Then erased it that writting off that essay and wrote a different essay… Then I saved it. But now I go back and Look at it and Its my old essay.. I cant find the one I just wrote. What do I do… Its due in […]

Please help! I Need a good grabber beginning for my great wall of China essay! URGENT!?

**********read first**********Guys this is EXTREMELY important its due in 2 days and i need a good grabber in my essay about The Great Wall of China in ancient times. NOTHING modern day. please help it will mean so much to me.

Can someone PLEASE help me?

I always struggle when it comes up searching for a good topic for an essay. what are some good thesis statements that could help me with enough information for a good paper. I don’t want to write about abortion or why cellphones shouldn’t be used in a car but I need some help thinking of […]

Can you please rite a 600 word essay on catholic history in the 1960′s in australia?

please include events, personalities and/or groupsit needs to be as a parish bulliten with an innovative headingintroduce the 1960′s using descriptive writing this is best done using who, what, when, where, how , and whydescribe 3-5 major eventsexplain the series of events to the emergence and develpment of the catholic churchsuggest ways in which different, […]

I need an essay on ‘shoot animals with a camera not a gun’. please provide a link.?

from a web search: “why shoot animals with camera not gun” [external link] … [external link] …