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What are the benefits and challenges of going to a private high school?

I have to write an application essay about the benefits and challenges of going to a private high school and I can not think of anything. Any help whatsoever would be appreciated. (the school is in New York but that is really not relevant.)

LICK-WILMERDING- private high school?

I really want to get into Lick-Wilmerding, a private high school, but i’m afraid that I might not get in. I’m a very good student- all A’s in my classes-including tests, but I’m really nervous about this coming ISEE exam. I need to know what would be a really good score on the ISEE for […]

Is it quicker to get a transplant in private healthcare or through the NHS?

I’m doing an essay on health care for my college work and need to know the effect on working class using the NHS to the middle class being able to afford private health care. I’m guessing it would be through private health care who are able to get a quicker transplant? What is the waiting […]

What are my chances of getting into these private schools?

I am currently in the 8th grade and I find out if i get into the private schools on March 10th. Let me start off my saying that in the 6th grade my grades were A’s and B’s. In the 7th grade i went downhill and got D’s and F’s. now in the 8th grade, […]

What are my chances of getting into a private school?

I am a senior going through the application process and these past months I’ve been really excited about it and positive about getting in, but as the deadlines come closer (i’m applying early action) I’m feeling a little bit discouraged about actually being accepted. -As of now I have an overall 3.58 gpa. My class […]

Isn’t this something my dad should have kept private?

Okay, I am mortified from church today. I am 14. There is always a coffee social after the service and some other adults were telling my parents that I am very polite and respectful and they should be proud of me. Seems very nice, however, then my dad who seems to enjoy embarrassing me is […]


Okay, so last year i applied to a Catholic high School and got rejected. I am Jewish too, so thats a step back for me..i am currently a freshmen and im going to reapply for sophomore year. Im not rerally involved in any school activities but i took a college class over the summer (dont […]

Questions about transferring from a State College to a private college? Is it hard to? (nursing major)?

Will i have to start all over again from the beginning? I am a Junior a SFSU and want to transfer to USF. I am a nursing major. Also, what is required to transfer to any private (ie USF), like i know its all about the money andyou have to get letters of recommendations, write […]