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Cool image for Devil Wears Prada project, anyone?

I have this school project where I need to write an essay and make a poster for the movie “Devil Wears Prada”Does anybody have suggestions for cool images I can use?

So I have school in 8 hours, should I start my project?

I have Geometry homework, a science project due tomorrow, and an essay for social studies all due tomorrow. I haven’t started any of them. When should I start?

What is a good project for my high school senior project involving censorship?

I finished my essay and it was about how censorship restricts first amendment rights of citizens. I also said how bands’ CDs won’t be sold at places like Wal-Mart if they have any objectionable errors at all.Now, for my actual project, it has to relate to my essay in some original idea was to […]


We have to have 10 songs for different scenes in a book. The book is called Abe’s story. It’s about a boy in the Holocaust. There’s death, heartbreak, love, sadness and happines so anything that has something to do with that is good.THNXSOOOMUCH!:D(Don’t worry, it’s NOT cheating. I still have to write an essay for […]

Chemistry Project! (High School Level)?

I have a 4000 word Chemistry project due in about 12 days, and I don’t even have a thesis. I have 2 options:1. Write an essay on the history aspect of something in the chemistry field, or 2. Write an experiment on some aspect of Chemistry, test it, and state why it did what it […]

The project i am doing requires us to dress as our character. Help?

In my english class we are talking about Greek Mythologyand we have to do an essay talking about the character we chose and dress like them.I chose Persephonebut i have no idea how to dressalso we have take an Archetypal symbol representing the characterany ideasI was thinkingof drying some roses and plantsand only leave like […]

PLEASE HELP ME ! To our project in English!?

I need help to do an essay about “An analysis of filipino culture and tradition”I need you to ans. this right now!please!

What should I do for my Senior project if my topic is Photography?

I have to do fieldwork of 20 hours, and have a “Mentor” someone who will guide me in my project. write an essay about what I learned, make a physical product and do a 6min+ presentation.. I pic a topic then a project that has to be related to my career. for example, they said […]

Greatest Fear Project?

I have to write a 10-12 sentence essay about something that scares me the most (is my greatest fear) but the thing is… i’m afraid of a lot of things, like the great white shark, the king cobra, and so on. I really don’t know what to do…. Can somebody please help me?

What should I do for this Chinese project?

Okay, so for chinese we are assigned a “mini project” which my teacher specifically said shouldn’t be a huge research paper or essay. He just said it’s an opportunity to explore a part of China that we’re interested in. After our research, we put together some sort of project to present it to the class […]