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Is this a good opening to an essay for psychology grad school?

One of my greatest career aspirations is to become a Psychologist. I am motivated to enter the field of Psychology because I want to immerse myself in the study of people. I am completely fascinated by the human mind and find myself constantly analyzing the thoughts and behaviors of the people around me. Thus, becoming […]

How did Pavlov’s training as a surgeon aid in his major contribution to psychology?

I really need to answer this question for an essay

What character from a tv show/movie should i do my clinical psychology assignment about?

For my clinical psych class, we have to psychoanalyze a character from a tv show or movie and write a 10 page essay about it. They need to have some kind of disorder like OCD, narcissism, borderline disorder, schizophrenia, severe depression, any kind of phobia, eating disorders, generalized anxiety disorders, etc.. Any suggestions?Thanks in advance.

I need help with psychology….?

I’m really confused on how to write this essay. Its the 1998 AP psych essay. I don’t get how the cognitive approach differs from the 3 approaches…Describe fully the distinctive emphasis of the cognitive approach to human behavior and mental processes. In your essay, be sure to specify how the cognitive approach differs from the […]

Please help me with a scholarship essay I’m writing, the topic is psychology! thanks?

The essay is basically why I want to become one, as well as some personal info + my own topic. Please provide comments, suggestions, opinions, ways to improve, correct grammar, etc.Also I need to shorten it; how could i do that? Thanks!We as humans make myriad choices everyday – the majority of them are miniscule […]

Psychology Personality Development in toddlers?

Does anyone have a journal link that I can get off the web … I have to write a 600 word essay on Infants/toddlers and how personality development paly a role in kids.. Everytime I try to google tons of crapc comes up… Any and all help/ previous essays will do lol

Which one of these Psychology essay questions is easiest, in terms of resources and information on them?

Hi!Got to do an essay on one of these questions.I am fine doing any of them, but I really want some advice on which question is worth biding all my time into?Which one has alot of stuff to write about? etc.Thanks! Critically evaluate two approaches to measuring the effects of stress on health Critically evaluate […]

Catchy title for a Psychology essay on ‘Hypnotism/hypnotherapy’.?

I am writing an essay on hypnosis, it is very general.. am going to include things like firstly a brief overview on wat it is, its history, the placebo effect, question whether its real or just an altered state of mind, convious vs the unconcious mind.. and just theories by different people and methodologies. Its […]

I need help/ideas/opinions with some college psychology question essays please!?

3.) If the science was available to select the psychological characteristics of a child (for example, being able to chose personality characteristics and intellectual capabilities; or select a particular talent) through altering and combining genetic material before conception, would you elect to do this? Imagine being able to genetically engineer your child for selected characteristics […]

Psychology Question about “cognitive scripts”? HELP!?

So I am writing an essay about cognition for AP Psychology and it deals with what aspects of cognition would affect the decision-making process in applying to and choosing a college to attend. How would scripts play a role? I don’t even really understand what scripts are. Please help!