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This is a serious question: brother and sister complex Any help I appreciate from the btm of my heart?

My younger sister really exalted in logic. She has better memory, she can think abstract really quick (math), a good street navigator and a little bit of handyman skills. She can play piano and guitar even though not super-talented in that area, but she can play from start to finish. She also have a better […]

History essay question?

How did the market revolution encourage urbanization and affect the American social structure, and how did the business class attempt to deal with the new social order?

English question help please thanks?

Hey guys this is what i have so far please i need a conclusion please thank you so much easy 10 points thanks thanks so much this is an English essay career report so please help me i need a conclusionI have always been inspired by the advances of modern medicine–particularly the miracles of restorative […]

A question about being right and wrong with respect to political argument?

I remember reading an essay in highschool that was entitled as, “Faces of the Enemy”. It outlined that the notion of “enemy”, if not politically cosntructed, is also psychologically constructed. That is, the idea of “enemy” across all nations and groups is universal in the sense that he/she is depicted as a violators of universal […]

I need help on my essay question?

Well i have to write an essay on the following question but im not quite sure i understand it.”Everyone considers themselves part of a generation, Describe one characteristic in your generation and explain why it is important?”I was wondering if style is a characteristic? Please help

Psych essay question?

I have a question for my adolescent psych class that I’m confused about. Does anyone know what they are asking? It is about body image and boys. This is the last part of the question: What are some of the short and long term ways to address the effects of body objectification among boys?

William Blake MLA Format question?

I need to know how to properly format the following information in an essay format (in-text).author- William BlakeTitle of entire work, anthology-Songs of Innocence and of Experience: Shewing the Two Contrary States of the Human SoulTitle of Book in anthology used-Songs of Innocence OR Songs of Experience.Title of poem in book in anthology used-holy thursdayok, […]

Can someone explain this question too me?

Choose a particular passage of your novel which you feel strongly reflects your authors methods of characterization. Indicate your novel, author and this passage (by giving page numbers) at the top of your response. In a well-developed essay, explore the various characterization methods, both direct and indirect, used by the author. Discuss how his/her style […]

Please help me with this essay question?

ok i have to write an in class essay tomorrow about the scarlet letter (book) the topic is “choose a universal theme recurring in the scarlet letter. Discuss the authors message and how he conveys it or what literary divices he uses.” so does anyone have any themse that would work for an overall theme […]

If you could ask Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart any question, what would it be?

I have to write an essay/interview with my hypothetical questions and answers if I interviewed Mozart for “Rolling Stone”. I already have my 15 questions figured out, but anything else that might be interesting would be appreciated!