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I am new in English, please one person read my new writing?

Hi to all, I am preparing myself for toefl test but, unfortunately I do not have a English tutor for writing. I want you please read my writing below and guide me and give your ideas about it to improve that. And if you want to mark it, what is the score from 0 to […]

What does “learning to read under any circumstance” mean?

I need to write an essay about literacy and we had to pick two pieces that we read in class to write about. I need an appropriate title, but I can’t think of one. and learning under any circumstance came to my mind, but I don’t know exactly what it means. help anyone? ASAP [:please […]

For people who have read “Wicked” by Gregory Maguire?

Do you think Elphaba really is evil? If so, do you think she was born that way? I’m writing an essay on it. I say Elphaba isn’t evil, just wanted to know what other fans of the book thought.

Has anyone read I Heard The Owl Call My Name By Margaret Craven?

I need a life lesson, quote, or theme from this book to put in a thesis statement for an essay. I would greatly appreciate any help!

Please read and correct my English essay paper? thank you?

hi there, i’m having a little trouble with this essay but i manage to write but still no so sure, i want to score A on my essay so I need someone to help me point out or correct any Grammar Error, Mechanics like FANBOYS, Spelling, Apostrophes, phrases and dependent clauses, pronouns, subject and verb. […]

Why do we have to read boring books in school?

I’m so sick of books like Great Expectations and To Kill A Mockingbird. There was a girl on here who got to read PRETTY LITTLE LIARS and has to write an essay on it. I LOVE PLL, I would pass with flying colors. But with these boring books, I don’t like to read.

Anyone ever read Great Expectations?

I have an essay to write about it, describing how the title, Great Expectations, pertains to at least three characters. I have Pip and Miss Havisham, are there any other suggestions?

Where can I read an article about Russia as the upcoming superpower nation?

I’m making an essay about mackinder’s theory, and trying to see its relevance and irrelevance to date….also about some other countries like chinna , Japan, US, etc.

Would someone please read and edit essay?

Hi, I have one page essay about my turning point. If anyone would like to help me, please let me know and I will email my essay to you. Any edits and ideas are also really appreciate.Thank you very muchPS. If you don’t want to write your email here. My email is someone_behind_that_twinkle_star@yahoo…

I need to write a persuasive essay on the chocolate war it need to make people want to read it?

but i read it and i hate the book and i have nothing good to say about it