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I am applying to a high school and part of the process writing an essay.Does anyone have any good topics?

Are you the educator, or the student? What type of HS is it? What area of the world? Do they make something special in the area? Is it a magnet school for Math and Science? I’ll need a little more information please. If you can find something that may be interesting to the principal that […]

Is this a good opening to an essay for psychology grad school?

One of my greatest career aspirations is to become a Psychologist. I am motivated to enter the field of Psychology because I want to immerse myself in the study of people. I am completely fascinated by the human mind and find myself constantly analyzing the thoughts and behaviors of the people around me. Thus, becoming […]

Why cellphones should be allowed in school?

i am writing an essay on why cellphones should be allowed in school. And i need some examples why cellphone should be allowed

Why Cheating is Good in School?

I know wat you guys think that i am going cheat but no. It is for my essay that is about cheating. just give ideas for it

Do you think kinds who go to school would like home schooling?

I’m a Vietnamese. Now I’m writing an essay about home schooling. So can you help me answer the question: do you think kinds who go to school would like home schooling?Thank you so much.

Should I write about my religious beliefs for school?

Okay, so my English teacher has our class writing an essay on our “core beliefs” and the only thing that comes to mind is my religious beliefs, Eastern Orthodoxy. I want to right something to do with them but first of all I don’t know if it’s right to write about it, and second I […]

What is the suitable software that I can use to make a school magazine?

I mean like the report in it. To put pictures… and essays all that stuff. Hope you guys can help me thanks. [can you use Photoscape to do it?]

So I have school in 8 hours, should I start my project?

I have Geometry homework, a science project due tomorrow, and an essay for social studies all due tomorrow. I haven’t started any of them. When should I start?

What are the benefits and challenges of going to a private high school?

I have to write an application essay about the benefits and challenges of going to a private high school and I can not think of anything. Any help whatsoever would be appreciated. (the school is in New York but that is really not relevant.)

What is a good project for my high school senior project involving censorship?

I finished my essay and it was about how censorship restricts first amendment rights of citizens. I also said how bands’ CDs won’t be sold at places like Wal-Mart if they have any objectionable errors at all.Now, for my actual project, it has to relate to my essay in some original idea was to […]