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Why teens should get a yearly check up?

im writing an essay for my club about why teens should get a yearly check up. but i only have come up with if their sexually active or for sports. i need so much help?

Should we sacrifice our personal freedom for the protection of society as a whole?

I know that others have asked this question before and it is a very difficult question to answer and support with ideas, but I’m writing an essay on this and I need to choose a side and support it with ideas. I watched a movie called the minority report and that’s where this topic came […]

Why cellphones should be allowed in school?

i am writing an essay on why cellphones should be allowed in school. And i need some examples why cellphone should be allowed

I have to write a persassive essay. and i choose why people should try to go vegetarian..?

what order do you think the paragraphs should go in?-[beginning.. ]-stavration -health-animals-enivorment

What are the reasons homosexual should be legalized?

i am working on my persuasive essay right now. Homosexual is the first thing i want to argue. can someone give me some good reasons to support homosexual marriage?

What should I title my essay on sweatshops?


Home work should or shouldnt be banned English essay?

Home work should or shouldn’t be banned ? Xoxo

I have to write an essay, so what 2 christian bands should i compare?

these christian bands or artists have to have many similarities and differences. i want these to bands or artists to be of today, and for them to be rock. need this quick! thank you

Should I write about my religious beliefs for school?

Okay, so my English teacher has our class writing an essay on our “core beliefs” and the only thing that comes to mind is my religious beliefs, Eastern Orthodoxy. I want to right something to do with them but first of all I don’t know if it’s right to write about it, and second I […]

Should i drop out of IB?

It’s my senior year and I really appreciate everything IB has done for me, but the work load is ridiculous. I definitely value what I’ve learned, especially in English, but with all of this reading, and bull**** writing, is it really worth it? I’ve been struggling with my Extended Essay(mainly cuz I waited too long), […]