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Help me start this essay?

Imagine you’re on the Admissions or Scholarship Committee. Tell us something about yourself thatisn’t apparent from your academic records—something that will give us insight about you as anindividual and might help in the committee’s decision.I was going to do Leadership because im a camp counselor and captain of my volleyball and basketball team.

Austen’s characterization is simplistic and one dimensional – how to start this essay?

i dont really know how to start the essay, i know my opinions and what i can write to back them up but i have writers block when it comes to introductions generally :/ any help is appreciated

How do you start off a character essay?

I have to write a character essay, but i’m not sure how to start it off, other than stating the character’s name. Can anyone help?

How can I start this essay?

I have to write essay B for apply texas. The topic is: Choose an issue of importance to you personal, school related, local, political, or international in scope and write an essay in which you explain the significance of that issue to yourself, your family/community, and your generation. Ideas for topics: so far all I […]

How do i start a 5 paragraph essay?

I need to write an essay that i need to turn in or i wont pass english , the essay is about the story antigone by sophocles , we have to write an essay on whos side would i choose creons or antigones and explain why i chose their side and be persuasive, I need […]

How do you start an essay about yourself and individuality?

“It would not be very individual if I were to write an essay using the same title as everyone else; so I won’t. The end.”

So I have school in 8 hours, should I start my project?

I have Geometry homework, a science project due tomorrow, and an essay for social studies all due tomorrow. I haven’t started any of them. When should I start?

How should you start an essay about comparing cells to organs?

You could start off talking about how cells are the basic units of life.Cells make up tissues which make up organs.

Can you tell me how to start a essay about your perception about the children soldiers and how they aretreated?

i mostly care about the topic sentence.please’thankyou.

How to start my college essay?

How should i start my introduction paragraph? My topic is to write about an issue of importance to you and I’m choosing animal shelters and how they should all be no-kill animal shelters. I have two ways to start it off but I don’t know if I can start a college essay like choice number […]