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Why do college and university students hate writing essays?

Here’s my reasons:1. Difficulty in Organization despite being well read and knowing how to spell2. Time consuming3. BoringWhat are your reasons to hate writing college essays(If you love writing essays, don’t answer or start a flame war).

Should students be allowed to use cellphones at school.. help please!?

doing a persuasive essay on how cell phones should be allowed during school my p.o.v is being allowed to use them during lunch and passing periods but please let me know your opinion and if you can please help me on how to make my essay good THANK YOU! User tags:should students be allowed to […]

TEACHERS: What is the proper way to grade students papers?

I am just wondering, because for now I am an assistant teacher and I was given a stack of papers to grade. What is the proper way of doing it- for: Math problems (division, addition,subtraction and multiplication) AND for like essays, book reports. You know stuff like that. How do you do it?

Why are there so many websites on the internet to help students cheat?

I’m really disgusted by the amount of websites who offer to ‘help’ students by charging them for plagiarised essays and assignments! What is even worse are the websites that claim the essays they sell are not plagiarised because they are (supposedly) written specifically for that student, and not sold to anyone else.Many students obviously don’t […]

To all teachers, or High school students!?

Can you tell me some FCAT essay 8th grade prompts? I need to practice for the writes on tuesday.

Any Current IB (internation bac.) students?

Hi, I’m a sophomore/yr. 10 at school and next year I’m doing the IB program, until the end of highschool. The subjects I’m taking areHL: english, psych and musicSL: chem, maths, spanish ab.So basically, I really want to get an inside view into, like your personal opinions on stuff like workload, maintaining social life, CAS, […]

Current Northwestern / University of Chicago students / alumni?

Those two are my dream schools and also my reach schools. I’m not going to make another chances thread, but instead, I would love to know the stats of other people that have gotten in. I would love to know yourACT scoreGPA unweightedRankLeadershipsMusic/Sports/etcessay topicand anything else that made you stand out.I am in love with […]

What knowledge, attitudes, and skills do students need to be global citizens?

Theme: What knowledge, attitudes, and skills do students need to be global citizens?Sponsor: Sumter County Cultural Commission,Supporters: Sumter Public Library, Santee Wateree Writing Project, National Writing Project, University of South Carolina Sumter, Carolina Technical College and Morris College and all local secondary high schools.Media: The Item and USC Sumters The Ant Hill.Eligibility: Sumter County students […]

Are there any websites for students who are only looking for essay scholarships?

I’m looking for essay scholarships. Please help

Persuasive essay on why students shud do community service?

i need help to add more info onto my persuasive essay.what kind of things should i write about?i just started on right now and i rly need someone’s help!im totally blanked out right now..