suitable essay

What is the suitable software that I can use to make a school magazine?

I mean like the report in it. To put pictures… and essays all that stuff. Hope you guys can help me thanks. [can you use Photoscape to do it?]

I can’t find a suitable quote! – Pride and Prejudice?

I need a quote to support my statement in my Pride and Prejudice essay – Mr Darcy decided not to tell of these dealings (Mr Wickham’s attempt to elope with his sister) as this meant he would be exposing the weaknesses of his family… Instead his pride meant he would rather allow the truth of […]

Reword this scentence please to make is suitable for an essay?

Im trying to say that, presidents have a harder time getting their opinions and choices politically through the public eye than they do actually making decisions, and its not the decisions of a president that is mostly stressful, its the high expectations the public eye naturally gives and getting past the brutal “downputs” of the […]