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Please list companies that support/use slavery. (EXAMPLE- Hershey’s cocoa beans)?

Im doing a essay on slavery in the world today.Please list some companies that have been traced to use slavery. And any links would be helpful.thank you

Essay on a movie that can be tied with the Hero’s Journey?

I have to write a paper about a movie that I follows the formula of the Hero’s Journey. I’m going to do Gone Baby Gone. Can anyone give me some tips, or important things that I should include/focus on?

Can u help me with an american history essay that deals with wwi?

what role did public opinion play in the united states decision to enter wwi. thx

Are there boarding schools that let anyone in?

I’m just wondering, it’s for a school essay. So are there boarding schools that accept any student as long as they pay(probably a huge fee, right?) So like, a student could go there and get all Ds and Cs and maybe even a few Fs, and they wouldn’t be rejected?Also, how easy is it to […]

Quotes from The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins that show conflict (with page numbers)?

I need quotes and page number(s) from the book that show a Man vs. Man conflict, and/or Man vs. Nature conflict. I left my book at school, but my essay is due tomorrow, please help.

How many people do you know that have overdose on marijuana?

im doing an essay over weather which one is bad or good ? and on marijuanas side lol

Techonolgy that made an impact on society ANY time in history?!?

i have to type up an essay and the question is : Discuss a technology that has had a major impact on society at any time in history. and NO I am NOT asking for you to type the essay for me. i just need an idea because we are not allowed to do Ipod […]

What is the suitable software that I can use to make a school magazine?

I mean like the report in it. To put pictures… and essays all that stuff. Hope you guys can help me thanks. [can you use Photoscape to do it?]

Books that relate to these themes, please help! desperate!?

for an essay for my english class I need to compare a book with across the universe (a film set in the 60s in new york). it needs to have some things in common with the film such as-moving away from home-meeting an estranged parent (or wanting/ not wanting to meet an estranged parent)-relationships not […]

Can someone proofread an essay that is politics related…please..?

i’m nervos about how im going to do..and i need feedback..please