thesis essay

I need to find the thesis to this essay … [external link]

pleaseeee helllppp quickkk! thank you

What is the thesis of this essay?

Does anyone know what the thesis is for the essay The Twelve Men by G.K. Chesterton?read the essay please, i’m kind of confused about the thesis [external link]

I need help for a thesis statement?

I have a History Fair essay that I have to write. I’m having trouble writing a thesis statement because it “must respond to a question: how, when, where, why, what”. Later on in the rubric, it says “concluding paragraph sums up main points and restates thesis (answers your question)”. So I’m pretty sure that it […]

What is a good thesis statement?

I am writing a process essay for making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.What are some good thesis statements to this essay?

I am writing a literary analysis on The Awakening by Kate Chopin. Any good ideas on a thesis?

It’s not a huge essay, just a standard two-pages. I read it and I loved it, but I just can’t seem to be able to settle on a thesis. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Anton Chekovs Misery thesis help?!?

I will soon be writing an essay on Anton Chekhov’s MIsery. I ws debating on making the thesis about society e.g how people reacted towards him knowing the life issues he was dealing with. I a, not good at creating thesis statements. I am only using this as an example for my piece. Please only […]

What is the thesis of this essay?

Does anyone know what the thesis is for the essay The Twelve Men by G.K. Chesterton?

Can someone give me a good thesis statement on if weed should be legalized or not?

im writing an essay on if weed should be legalized or not im gonna give both sides like why people like it and say its good and y its bad …. but in the end i will say that i personally don’t think it should be legalized thesis suggestions please …will choose best anser

Edgar allan poe essay help, thesis?

alrighty, so i gotta write a 5-7 pg essay on edgar allan poe, i need help coming up with a good thesis based off of his short stories, i got some ideas:1) Edgar Allan Poe is a phenomenal writer that had a talent with description of events and settings, but, gives little, if any, description […]

I need suggestions for a thesis comparing Oliver Twist by Dickens, and Anthony Burgess’ Clockwork Orange?

I am doing a grade 12 University ISP comparative essay, and I need suggestions for a thesis between these two books. I need to have this down before i finish reading the books, so I have no idea about themes and such at this point, plz be descriptive if possible, thanks!