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Do you think John Steinbeck is sexist?

This isn’t an essay question, I am genuinely trying to figure this one out.I know Steinbeck was raised in a sexist era, blablerbleh, but still. I think he’s pretty extreme, even for that period.I’ve only read 2 of his books (Of Mice and Men, and East of Eden, both independently), but it seems to me […]

Do you think kinds who go to school would like home schooling?

I’m a Vietnamese. Now I’m writing an essay about home schooling. So can you help me answer the question: do you think kinds who go to school would like home schooling?Thank you so much.

Why do you think being a member of a family presents many challenges ?

I have to write an argumentative essay and im just curious about other peoples opinion

What do you think of my theory about Fidel Castro’s current status?

My guess is that he is legally alive. He is probably being kept alive by machines, and if they were removed he would dies very quickly.He is not the author of all the recent essays and articles printed with his name on them. He may have had some input months ago, but they are largely […]

What do you think of my essay?

Okay I wrote this for The Big Dig Scholarship. [external link] read ” Give me feedback PS: The orignal is broken up into paragraphs.THE ESSAY: [external link]

What do you think of my essay?

I’m an amateur at essays but I think this is one of my better works. Oh..and where should I put the restating thesis..The sentence after doesn’t make sense unless I put it after the restating thesis sentence. And this is a response essay to Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury! THX!Life Controlled by Media Have you […]

What do you think of my story for essay?

I also need an opening paragraph plz?A sudden gust of wind blew at my back. I turned away. How long had I been standing here? I turned back to face the house. To me it had seemed like minutes, but already the sun had set to reveal a glistening, moonlit sky.

Essay Intro, What do you think? Easy 10pts CLICK?

Intro to an essay, Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck. ‘Of Mice and Men’ by John Steinbeck, is a novel that follows both the fortunes and misfortunes of two itinerant farm workers, George and Lennie, as they strive to achieve their dreams in the harsh economic environment of California in the 1930’s. The novel explores […]

Am i doing my essay right? its the book breaking dawn and i think im putting in to much detail?

ok im in 7th grade and i have to write a book report thats due tom. oct 12its the book breaking dawn its a pretty big book so i dont want to make my essay to big so am i doing my essay right The book Breaking Dawn has more secrets more twists more turns […]

What do you think of my potential college essay topic?

I’m generally a strong writer, but I find that writing a college essay is much more difficult than the other work I’ve done. I’m considering writing about a website that I started. I created a 30-day “challenge” that over 600 girls participated it. Each day, I’d post challenges to make girls feel more confident. I’m […]