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I need to find the thesis to this essay … [external link]

pleaseeee helllppp quickkk! thank you

Would this paragraph be an interesting hook for a college professor?

This is an UC application personal statement essay. I already written my first essay and this will be my second essay. Prompt: Tell us about a personal quality, talent, accomplishment, contribution, or experience that is important to you. What about this quality or accomplishment makes you proud and how does it relate to the person […]

Is this cheating?

A teacher has asked you write an essay on a topic (you pick it, I don’t care what it is.) You do the work. You are given a good grade. Another teacher in another class gives you an assignment to write an essay. You can use the same topic as the first teacher. You turn […]

Is this a sentence or not?/ lol?

This is for my final essay and I just want you to read my intro. Does the way I wrote it make sense? Like the beginning sentences are those complete sentences or not. By the way it’s a MLA format paper so it’s very formal so what do you think?Confirmed reservation? Check. Updated status? Check. […]

Is this a good opening to an essay for psychology grad school?

One of my greatest career aspirations is to become a Psychologist. I am motivated to enter the field of Psychology because I want to immerse myself in the study of people. I am completely fascinated by the human mind and find myself constantly analyzing the thoughts and behaviors of the people around me. Thus, becoming […]

This is a serious question: brother and sister complex Any help I appreciate from the btm of my heart?

My younger sister really exalted in logic. She has better memory, she can think abstract really quick (math), a good street navigator and a little bit of handyman skills. She can play piano and guitar even though not super-talented in that area, but she can play from start to finish. She also have a better […]

What is the thesis of this essay?

Does anyone know what the thesis is for the essay The Twelve Men by G.K. Chesterton?read the essay please, i’m kind of confused about the thesis [external link]

Would you consider this cheating?

Hey everyone,So my situation is as follows.I have to write an In-class essay tomorrow, which we’ve been working on for 2 days so far. The first day was brain storming, the second day was rough copy, and tomorrow is supposed to be the good copy day.I unfortunately had writers block on the rough copy day, […]

Help me start this essay?

Imagine you’re on the Admissions or Scholarship Committee. Tell us something about yourself thatisn’t apparent from your academic records—something that will give us insight about you as anindividual and might help in the committee’s decision.I was going to do Leadership because im a camp counselor and captain of my volleyball and basketball team.

I need someone to proofread this please! very important!?

This is my college application essay. I am suppose to answer: Consider something in your life you think goes unnoticed and write about why it’s important to you.Please check grammer, punctuation, etc as well as the overall quality of the essay. I appreciate your thoughts!I am standing at the edge of Colorado’s famous Royal Gorge. […]