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I need a title for an english Essay QUICK ANSWERS!?

from the book a raisn in the sun… paper is on Beneatha… my title currently is Attributes of benetha younger. paper is about how benethas traits make up her personality.. HELPPPP!

Title ideas for my essay?

Hey guys! I just finished an essay about charity ads and how they use emotions to persuade people to donate to their organizations. I’m having trouble coming up with a title though. Any ideas?Thanks guys, I really appreciate it!

What should I title my essay on sweatshops?


What is a good title for going against social promotion?

I wrote a argumentive essay going against social promotion

Help with a title for my Animal Farm essay?

My topic is how Animal Farm is not socially equal how it was supposed to be because the pigs corrupted it. Here is my thesis if it helps “However, Animal Farm is not the equal society it was supposed to be because the pigs corrupt it.”Thank you in advance!

In an essay, should the title of the movie be italicized, underlined, or in quotation marks?

i know that books/plays are underlined or italicized, and poetry is in quotes, but what about movies?

What are the basic skills about writing an essay title sweetest songs?

Knowing something about singing helps

Essay title help? (20 characters!)?

I’ve been trying to think of the perfect title all day, my mind is a complete blank. Okay, so my essay is a narrative essay for English class. It is about when a bird got into our house, and how we got it out. I need something catchy. Please help! Thanks!

What is a good title for a procrastination paper?

I need a title for my procrastination essay. It’s about causes & effects of different things that cause procrastination. any ideas ?

Need title for persuasive essay?! answer & i give u a point!?

my topic is on whether parents should spank kids or not….im not sure which side im on yet, but im finding more info against spanking so i think im going against it. thanks